I need to calm my anger

Discussion in 'General' started by GGrass, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. This morning, on my way to work, just outside the village I live in, some asshole driver cut in front of me, and I honked twice, and the guy turned around and swore something at me, so I gave him the finger and he returned the finger, and it ended with both of use opening the window and shouting fuck yous at each other.

    And it so happens that the guy and me, we live about 50 meters from each other, and I suppose we'll be running into each other in the morning quite often.

    Now, what I need to do is :

    1. Calm my anger
    2. Avoid putting myself in this kind of situation in the future

    These two, I can do. No problem.

    But there's one thing that I'm not sure what to do about.

    Should I start carrying my pistol in the car?

    I used to carry it with me, but I stopped coz... I thought there was no need to... but now I'm not sure...
  2. just flip them off and be done. i have friends who will take that kind of shit too far. they both had to go to court i have no idea why they arent in jail either.
  3. You are absolutely correct.

    What the fuck was I thinking... Thanks man.
  4. i dont see why youre even considering carryig a gun for this type of thing. no good can come out of it

  5. Yeah if you want your ass shot over a cut off.:cool:
  6. Do you live in Compton or Detroit?
  7. I'm glad you posted this man.

    I carry gun because... I don't want to use it.

    And... when I carry a gun, I will not shout fuck yous at other drivers... or give the fingers... I will not even honk.

    Because I don't want to kill another man.

    I just think that that asshole is still alive because of me.

    It's like... I don't know man.. do you know what I'm trying to say?
  8. used to have this same problem, op. then i began driving like a senior citizen and the world transformed before my very eyes
  9. Hm... drive like a senior citizen...

    That's a good way to think... thanks man.

    I'll try that.

    (The face of that asshole driver is still fresh in my memory. I want to shoot him and watch him bleed to death, but I am an old man, and I know better than that. I'll just wave him off as just another asshole driver and go about my way. Peacefully and slowly...)

  10. oddly enough, i understood that completely. i get it, but it would be a tragedy if in some ungodly case something bad were to happen. just be careful and dont do anything rash :smoke:
  11. I wrote a poem.
    It's called "Don't fuck with me."


    You wanna fuck with me?

    You really wanna fuck with me?

    Pow Pow...

    You fuck with me, you die, bitch.


    You fuck with me and you fucking die.

  12. hahahaahahah
  13. Nope. Bangkok.


    Thanks man.
  14. thats a rap *****

    i would tote heat if i lived in bangkok in fear of getting roofied and butt fucked by a tranny
  15. Then you should definitely visit Bangkok... :D
  16. My suggestion would be to find him and apologize.

    He may be 100% in the wrong and a total dick but you are serving your best interests, not his.

    If you guys got heated enough to pull next to each other and shout who's to say you wouldn't get heated enough to get in a fight....at this point using a gun will at the very least cross your mind. Don't ruin the rest of your life over this trivial situation.

    Besides, how many times do you think this, and future situations, will cross your mind? Put your mind at ease, just give him a bullshit apology if you have to.
  17. You are truely wise.

    First, I thought of going to his house and do a sort of a 'drive by'.

    Then I thought, may be not.

    I'll just ring his door bell and when he comes out, I'll apologize.

    "I'm sorry about yesterday's incident. I shouldn't have honked at you in the first place. You have every right to be mad."

    And just take whatever he returns at me, whether it be verbal abuse, or an acceptance of my apology, or even may be an apology of his own.

    I'm feeling kind of embarrassed... after all these years, I'm still a dick...

    I KNEW I should have smoked a small joint first, before I hit the road...
  18. I bet he's forgotten all about it. You're probably beating a dead horse here. Seriously just forget about it
  19. you should carry just to be safe unless you think you would be a risk to people if you had a gun...if you are impulsive and egotistical.

    I've had guys jump out of their cars and slap my through my window before because I wouldnt let them cut me off.

    NEVER start shit with people in traffic though man. thats a lesson ive learned recently. Drive like an asshole and ignore everyone else

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