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  1. Guys I've come to the realization that I need to try and get a girlfriend I haven't had a girlfriend since 8th grade and I'm a senior now, I've had chances but Im to shy to notice hints or just try to get them. Like freshmen year one of the hottest girls in my grade would flirt with me and tell me I had pretty eyes but I thought nothing of it, last year this girl in my French class would like always touch my back in class and at one point she was like rubbing my back and basically put her hand on my ass lol.

    Anywho last night I had this weird dream where I was I guess dating this girl who I've always liked but can't do anything about because she's had a boyfriend for 3 years, i know it sounds cheesy but in this dream I felt different with her like I was actually happy in life, right now I'm happy but I feel like I'm missing something, and when I was with her I just felt well good. Then I woke up and was like... Damn...

    But I just need tips on like things to sat to girls and just general stuff like that. If anyone read all this thank you very much!
  2. 1. be yourself
    2. be chill
    3. experience is the best guide
    4. talk to more girls
    5. their just people with pussys they have the same feelings you and i share
    6. girls just wanna have fun just like you and me
    7. have fun with it
    8. compliments - something stands out to you dont be afraid to tell them exactly how you feel about it like if a girl has really beautiful eyes tell them they have really beautiful eyes
    9. girls know all the cheesy shit dont bring it be creative , original
    i hope this helps

    oh and if your feelin like a pimp that day instead of asking for HER number say i had a great time talking to you heres my number txt me and then just leave
  3. You need Money, Looks and a large cock. When you have that, chicks will come!
  4. be yourself and be a gentleman!!!
    girls like nice and funny guys who don't seem stuck up or obnoxious
    make yourself look like you take care of yourself but don't overdo it!!
    it won't be that hard just beeeelieve in yourself! the right girl will come to you as long as your yourself, and you will know when it happens! :smoke:
  5. but in reality you can only have one

  6. or confidence
  7. Only way to not get shy is to be forward.

    You can almost say to yourself 'Today I'm gonna pretend to be a womanizing manwhore', and then just roll with it. It'll make you appear to be confident. But, when you get alone, you can say 'I'm not to good with this...' and a maternal instinct or some shit gets them and they think its cute.

    You also have the other problem I used to have - you're focused on this one girl, which is blocking you out from other girls. She's taken, if she ends up not being taken, you can get with it later. Find a new girl while you wait for it.

    Just act as if you know you'll get the girl, and you'll get the girl. The only girl who I've ever asked out who didn't say yes was one of my old ex's, and she actually had said yes, but then changed her mind because I had 'broken her heart' two years ago.
  8. BE CALM.
    BE REAL.

    the rest unfolds on its own. (If your a POS person, or boring, your fucked. If so, work on yourself before you waste your time trying to get a girl.)
  9. Try not to overthink things. Let it come naturally.
  10. The main problem I have is that because I'm so damn shy I don't know what to say like right when I see a girl, for example if I was sober and went up tto a girl I saw just sitting by herself I'd be like hey shed say hey then I'd freeze up and not know what to say and be like kbai....

    Edit- but when I'm high I can talk for hours but some of it makes no sense haha
  11. What kinda girls we talking here brotha?

  12. What???
  13. Intention? Just getting laid?

    If only getting laid, do anything to get laid, any girl will do.

    Do not even consider having a GF for another 10 years, instead, focus on a decent career, while banging random girls.

    ONCE your career flourishes, you'll be choosing.
  14. HTML:

    Not getting laid I'm only a senior and not many girls in my school are whores that are dtf 24/7
  15. Ahh to go back to high school with the knowledge and experience I have today, how things would be different.:smoke:
    All that be yourself stuff is bullshit though. I mean its great to be yourself and be a gentleman and all that but thats not the trick. You have to be confident and take action. You just have to take the plunge because the worst move is no move. Looking good always helps. Just put a little extra effort into how you look and carry yourself and it will do wonders. That doesn't mean get the douchebag makeover, just try to look sharp and well groomed.

    This is pure gold. Its all in your head and the only thing between you and what you want is yourself. You have to think "If I were the kind of guy I want to be, what would I do?", and then do that. And yes its also a numbers game. Getting too focused on one girl will only make you miss other opportunities which could turn out better. Besides if shes busy with a boyfriend that doesnt mean you have to wait around for her to free up. You have no obligation to be faithful with someone until you're actually with them.

    Personally I'd reccomend not doing it high, since it sets a bad standard and it's not good to ramble on because she doesn't really care what you have to say at first. As for holding up your end of the conversation, it doesn't matter what you talk about, it can be as cliche as the weather (it actually works), but questions work well especially about her clothes or shoes or some shit that guys dont care about. Although since you're a senior you could ask her about what shes going to do after she graduates I guess. Just don't lead yourself into the friend zone.
  16. One way to get pussy is to fuck it.

    I.e., don't try to get pussy. This approach won't get you a lot of pussy but if you can't be that guy with the confidence to go up to girls without concerning yourself with rejection, which is my case and I believe your case as well, it will at least get you some pussy. The key here is to minimize any actions that may push the pussy away. Remember, pussies scare easy. Don't charge the pussy and try to catch it. Pussy is too skittish but if you lure it in with a piece of raw meat and try not to make any sudden movements, you may just steal that cat into bed.

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