I need the advice of all my fellow blades on this one.

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  1. Trying to explain this situation might get a bit wordy, so I'll try to make this short but not leave out anything important. When I first thought of beginning an indoor grow, I was met with alot of criticism by close friends and family(the few that I decided to tell). They all said basically, it was impossible to grow cannabis in a cabinet. After proving them wrong, needless to say, they all jumped on the band wagon. A year later, armed with more knowledge, a well developed system, and a few successful grows, a close friend asked me to help him get a grow started. At the time I needed a few things for my grow so we decided that while gathering the parts and components of his grow, we would include what I needed. We basically agreed that for my help, he would help me get what I needed. He was waiting for one of his friends to give him a clone or two for months. The same friend was going to charge him $3000 to set everything up. I showed him where to buy and how to put together everything for less than $1500.
    After setting up everything, he then asked for a few clones. One of my brothers told me don't do it, but I believe when it comes to cannabis, we should share. So I gave him 20 clones and a mother plant, you know, to help him hit the ground running. My terms for this favor was, depending on his first yield, I would receive a fixed percent and he agreed.
    Lately I heard he ordered some seeds "behind my back"( now folks I really don't care that he did, but he seems to think so, besides I stockpile genetics everytime I have some spare change) while at the same time owing me money for another, non cannabis related business transaction. Through, he say she say, I'm finding out that he wants to cut me out of everything, now that it's 2 weeks till harvest.
    I have only tried to help this guy and now......The old me wants to go to his house right now, with a bottle of Round Up and cause a cannabis holocaust because if I don't get none...nobody gets none. The regular me says to wait till he harvests and if he does cut me out then take the rest of them fuckin plants back because regular me thinks killing a plant unless it's harvest time should be the crime, not smoking it. The Buddhist in me says let karma sort it out.
    I feel like Johnny Depp in blow when he found out he was getting cut off. This shit has been on my mind for a while now and I had to find out what GC has to say before I do anything. Only other growers can understand or relate to this dilemma. Please all registered GC members, any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: While writing this post my 8*4 tent just arrived:smoke:. Planning to go all organic soon so I'm waiting on UPS to deliver my Earth Juice now. Dutch passion Blueberry, Purple Kush and GHS Kalishnikova(420 freebie from attitude) also Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush, Hammerhead and more freebies in storage, Headband and more ordered. I will start a grow journal as soon as possible but right now gotta set this tent up:smoke::ey::bolt:
  2. Honestly... that's fucked up man. If I were you, I would bust out the weedwacker and go apeshit. But then again, taking the high road is always an option too. Defenseless plants don't need to die, so your best bet would be to come up on his grow :cool:

    Good luck!
  3. Personally, I'm guessing you may not be legal?, don't do anything that'll get you noticed. If the fella is behaving the way you say and is gonna cut you out this close to harvest, then he can't be trusted, legal or not.
    Bide your time, think clear thoughts, if you know his friends/associates then mingle quietly, a whisper here, a bit of info received there.

    Hard choice for you. Seems you have sensible family and friends around you. Should keep you grounded on whatever you decide to do.

    If he is a loose cannon though, stay well away and cut your losses.
  4. I don't understand why you need to be compensated at all. For explaining to him how to grow? Giving clones is like like a favor. If I were you, I'd just tell your friend don't worry about it. I once showed a friend how to get in my business (not weed related) and asked for a % of his profit. He became a help to my business later on and we both made more money, sharing our knowledge and (intellectual) assets and I always felt guilty about originally asking him for a cut of his profit when we started. Just food for thought.
  5. Hate to be the voice of reason, but starting shit over drugs usually isnt worth the consequences unless your in deep. Your not even in on this one, you have practically zero money invested, and yeah you got some time invested in it, but fuck it.

    If you sit and think about it for 2 minutes, you'll see how useless it is to start shit about plants.
  6. Break into his house steal half the plants. Then call the cops and tell them your neighbor grows. If he doesn't have a growing permit. Sorry guess that's the best I could come up with lol.
  7. I disagree, 20 clones and a mother plant is very significant. If it were being sold for money it would be worth a decent amount. But just think of the legal cost alone; 21 plants in the eyes of the law. Do you want to be caught giving your friend 21 plants? It's a lot of risk that he didn't have to take.

    Receiving that kind of help from someone to get your grow started is worth a lot; without that help his yield would have been less than what it will be minus the OP's cut, and without that help he would have spent twice the money on the grow in the first place.

    But what really seals the deal is that the guy agreed to give OP a cut. OP is entitled to a cut for that reason alone. Funny how someone receiving the help acknowledges the value of it when they need it, then a couple months later it isn't worth jack shit because they don't need help anymore.
  8. That's why I brought this situation to GC first. Most folks here logical thinkers. This whole thing wouldn't have bothered me at all if it was just a few clones but 20 clones and a mother plant....... come on....... which one of your friends would GIVE you 20 clones and a mother plant. Like I said I thought that by helping him, I would be helping myself. Besides without my help he would still be waiting on another "friend" to hook him up. This isn't like regular business, when you think about the profit margins, 1 oz of this stuff in my city goes for like $500. Ever heard the saying "Teach a man to fish".
    Anyways he's not the type to get tough, if I serve him up my best back hand, he'll more than likely cry and he knows I have like 8 brothers(all from the same mother) so if he plans on doing anything he's gonna have to get rid of 9 of us at the same time. All I'm saying is, all we have in this world is our word and our balls and his word is worth nothing, so I should cut off his balls. We had an original agreement and now that he's smelling himself and them plants, he thinks his balls are bigger.
    Like I said, think about it this way, which one of your friends would put 8 plants in your flowering room, 12 in your vegging room and a mother plant so you would always have clones for absolutely nothing in return.
  9. Kalishnikova makes me think kalashnikov, as in ak
  10. it is an ak* white widow cross
  11. I think you and your brothers should sort it all out.
    Your entitled to what you deserve, now listen I'm no grower. Hell I don't know much, but I know when reading a story or situation, whose the good and whose the bad guy.

    See what happens, if he doesn't cut you a deal, fuck him.
    By the way, this guy your referring to as a 'friend' isn't really one, hell hes just another guy who thought he could use you and forget about you.

  12. bearing in mind the voice of reason, if you're going to retalliate at least make it worthwhile - as in organizing and executing an elaborate co-ops mission to steal them involving corrosive acid, maximum strength dental floss, a snuggy, and a U-HAUL van. i'll let you fill in the rest...

  13. Thanks for the input though
  14. I dunno - if it were me I'd either:

    1) Go round there when he's not in and cut the plants early and take them home with you...


    2) Go round there when he's not in and water the plants with pure vinegar...that'll either kill them or just fuck them up

    BUT - don't forget, the guy KNOWS you grow so...he COULD screw you over worse by telling the old bill
  15. The ordered seeds may be for a "next round" grow.

    What has convinced you that he is going to cut you out? Was it from his lips, if not why are so many others knowlegable? :smoke:
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    His sister is my brother's fiance and she tells me everything because I'm the oldest, smartest, and most mature out of all my brothers, but it doesn't matter anymore. I had decided to just collect the money that he owed me then after that fuck it, so I went to his house yesterday afternoon to pick up the money, when he calls me into his grow room to ask some advice. Reluctantly, I agreed, just to see what the problem was.
    GC.... no bullshit, he got mold, and I don't mean a little bit. He was going to cut me out because in his distress he slipped up and said "**** ain't gon want this shit". Now I personally know he would give up his left leg to be like this guy. This guy is the same guy who was going to charge him $3000 for the set up.
    When he unzipped the tent, I could smell it. Then he asked what to do about it and I told him put that shit in a trash bag and burn it. When he first started his grow(I helped with the transplant of the clones) when we watered them I told him to bust out the wet vac and try to keep the tent floor dry and the humidity down. Obviously he never listened because his temps was 74 but humidity was 86 with the lights off. He has a carbon filter in there but no fans because and I quote "But I got cool tubes man". He took the stand up fan I had put in there out, to stuff the other 12 plants in there.
    He kept asking more and more questions but I just told him "Look it up on the internet". I also recommended joining GC but I doubt he'll listen anyway. He did pick up some good seeds though, Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, Moby Dick and something else. The only real "advice" I could offer was "learn from your mistakes".

    Edit:I guess I should just start listening to the Buddhist in me.
    Karma is a bitch.......but I love her though.

  17. BTW I helped him set up and explained everything because he is a friend. I gave him clones so I'd have some extra smoke in the future. If it wasn't for the initial agreement, I would have only gave him a few clones( thats a small favor).
    I live in a state where this is still illegal so this can't be compared to legal business. The situation you explained between you and your friend seems to be legal business so you're supposed to get your cut. Besides he turned out to be an asset whereas what I thought would be an asset is turning out to be worth nothing but like CAPSLOCKBANDIT said I have no money invested so, fuck it right.

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