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i need some new glass!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pooker, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Ive been looking around lately for a new bong primarily roor, phx, and illadelph. Im trying to spend around 100-170. Beaker base or straight tube is fine but something adaptable where i can get ashcatchers, different bowls, diffusers, etc. This will be my first quality bong ive only had homemades or like cheao 40 $ ones. Any comments are greatly appreaciated, thanks!
  2. Roors normally will run more if you are looking to get an ash catcher and shit. can't really go wrong with any of those bongs, well unless you start smoking regs out of them(my friend knew a kid who started smoking regs out of a roor, the thing stank like shit so bad and he never cleaned it.) CLEAN IT ALOT!(rubbing alch and salt is the best i find) if you take care of one of those things they'll stay around the house for years.
  3. Lol, wow. Smoke is smoke, whether it's a result of burning schwag or chronic. The only reason his bong got so dirty is because he didn't clean it.
  4. can you buy ash catchers and whatnot for phx's/illadelph? my main concern is durabilty though. which out of these bongs can take some damage in case i accidentally hit it or something *knocks on wood*
  5. you can buy A/C's for all those tubes, there all pretty good(RooR being NICE) glass is glass so just take care of your shit. I got a blank GonG tube b4 i moved up to a nicer piece so i can get use to taking care of shit, needless to say im still smoking out of my 2 tubes =D Gl with your purchase to dog

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