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  1. Ok so I got a call from someone, and they asked if I smoked with there brother. I told them no.

    I have though. She told me if she finds that I am hanging out with him anymore she is going to call the cops. Now I am not going to hang out with him anymore, but If she finds that we did smoke weed, what can happen to me if she calls the cops for that?

    I am 23 and her brother is 15, but I have known him for 10 years or so. I was with the girl that said was going to call the cops on me for 7ish years, and we were even engaged at one point.
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  3. How else would she know you smoked him out, unless he told her ? Deny, deny, deny... and hope he don't roll you under the bus.

    I wouldn't worry about it, just don't hang out with him again, like she asked.

    The moral of this thread: don't contribute to the deliquency of minors.
  4. What's going to happen? Nothing, deny everything up and down..she can't exactly prove anything can she? My second piece of advice is to stop hanging out and smoking weed with someone you're almost a decade older than..(well, I guess you already said you're going to stop)
  5. I know he is way younger but he is like a brother to me. Honestly he is. I have known him half my life. I mean we are so close that I was in the room when there mom passed. We have deep talks, about everything, and I help him with his school work too. You have to understand, his dad is a big weed smoker, and doesn't take good care of him. His mom died in from a freak occurrence. He really lives on his own for the most part. His sisters, really don't have much to do with him. Honestly I am the only positive person that he is around. Ya I smoke weed, but I am finishing my college degree in about a year, with extremely high grades. If I thought I was putting him in harms way I wouldn't do it. He actually smoked me out. I never asked to smoke around him.

    Shit when his mom was on the death bed I was there everyday, and the days his mom came back too I held her hand and wiped tears off her face.
  6. The wording is a little unclear, is the person that called your friend's sister? From what you just said, I don't even understand why she would threaten you like that. I guess if you want to continue seeing him you should both keep it under the radar
  7. You may be like brothers. But you aren't brothers and your families obviously don't have some deep generational historical friendship. Because of that your friendship with this particular 15 year old is highly inappropriate because of your age. Especially if it involves ganja with a 15 year old.

    The other circumstances are irrelevant.

    For the legal side: don't admit to anything, and if a cop asks you about it say that you aren't answering any questions, but be polite while doing so. Just explain "I don't speak with police with an attorney present under any circumstances."

    Relationship advice: It's the girl's brother, not your brother. When a relationship ends you lose the girl and her family. That's how it goes. Her brother, her rules.

    Walk away otherwise this could get messy for you. If you guys are brosefs he can look you up again when he was 18 and you 2 can burn one.

  8. This is what I was thinking.

    If I do ever get approached by a police man about this issue can he search me? Can they come in my house and raid it? If so I will have to give my bong and my pipes to some of my other friends, till I feel this is cleared over.
  9. I disagree, she doesn't control his life. He's 15 years old, he's old enough to make his own decisions. There is nothing inappropriate about their friendship, he's known him for 10 years and has been like an older brother to him. Why should they end their friendship? Because the sister said so? It doesn't work that way.

    She can't act like he's being a bad influence on him either because their dad even smokes so she needs to stop being a spiteful, power hungry bitch and put a cock in it.

    He's done nothing but looked out for him ever since his mother passed; how do you think he'll feel if the op just abandoned him w/o a word? Not very good at all.

    Everybody needs someone to look up to and this kid probably looks up to the op. The op even helps him out with his homework; I couldn't think of a better influence.

    He's probably not going to stop smoking even if the op stopped chillin with him, he';; just move on to another crowd and possibly a bad one.

    OP, if the she threatens to call the cops on you again, tell her to call the cops on her dad first. That bitch needs to be checked.
  10. This is obviously something that you're really bothered about, so it would probably make YOU feel better if you had a friend hold your pieces for a while.

    In general a cop can always come up with an excuse to search your person to 'ensure you don't have weapons.' Even if they aren't supposed to, they'll always get away with that.
  11. With all respect, you're flat wrong.

    It is so inappropriate for a 23 year old to sit and smoke with a 15 year old I can't begin to count the ways. If they were biological brothers or cousins it would be different. They aren't and so it's not.

    He can try and pick a fight and try and prove to everyone how right he is and how it is totally cool for him to hang out with 15 year olds, and he'll just end up looking foolish when he appears on an episode of COPS.

    This is a situation that will end up with him on the wrong side of the law with the quickness if things get worse (like her calling the police). All she has to do is make one accusation and he is done for.

    The proper approach here is to disengage. The relationship with the teen is inappropriate. The past is irrelevant. Once he's no longer dating the girl she has the right to be the gatekeeper for her 15 year old brother.
  12. fuckin chill bro.
  13. its not her dad, they have different dads same mother.

    I just talked to him just now, and he said the only thing he can think of is his dad told his sister.

    regardless I told him we have to get things figured out before we hang out anymore if at all before he hits 18.

    thanks for someone understanding, I feel obligated to take care of him because when his mom was on her death bed I was in the room holding her hand and told her I was going to take care of her kids(being the younger boy and his sister(My girl friend at the time), and for her to worry about getting better. She had a tear that went down her cheek and I wiped it off, and I could see the love in her eyes for me. The next day she went back under and never came back too.

    I really am a part of the family, I get calls from everyone in the family all the time to come to barbecues and birthday party's and I'll go, because I am considered family not just a friend of the family. And no I am not holding on to the girl anymore, she is living with some other guy and she is pregnant, I still talk to her every once in awhile, but I am through with her. I don't see why because it is her family I have to all the sudden stop hanging out with people that I became excepted into as family. I carried there grandpa's casket when he passed, and was asked to carry the mothers casket when she passed.
  14. Seriously OP, you're doing a great job. Kids need more people like you to look up to especially nowadays. It's just so easy to get caught up in the wrong crowd that it's not even funny.

    You do what you think is best.

    No, you sir, are wrong. He is like an older brother to him. He is a positive influence on him. What's wrong with that?

    You're basically saying that a step brother is not the same as a brother even if they knew eachother their whole lives.

    He's not just some random kid he met a few weeks ago, he has been an older brother figure to him for ten years now; you can imagine that they have developed some sort of bond by then. Love is love. It doesn't matter if they are blood related or not; they are brothers regardless of what you say. He gave their mom his word that he would look out for him.

    So far, he's done nothing but that. Would you rather the kid stop hanging out with him and possibly falling into the wrong crowd with bad influences?

    Your stuck on thinking what's right and wrong in terms of the law, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about what's right and wrong morally. What the hell do the cops have to do with their ten year relationship? Answer me that. Not a goddamn thing.

    Besides, she can call the cops all she wants but what is she going to tell them? That he's smoking weed with her little brother? They'll both deny it and they wont be able to do anything for lack of evidence.
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    With little respect, you're absolutely wrong.

    There is nothing in state or nation law books which says that an older person cannot have a friendship with a younger person. However, there are things in state and nation law books which define what that relationship can and cannot be; and so far as any of us can tell from the information OP has provided, he and his friend are completely within the bounds of the law, save the bud smoking.

    Is there something wrong with a 23 year old hanging out with a 15 year old morally? No, not at all. I'm part of the Big Brothers program here at the university and my little dude is 14. I'm 24. I take him to the mall, or out to eat, to the park to play a bit of ball, or even to the waterpark during the summer. For all intents and purposes of this thread, I have the same functional friendship with my little dude as OP has with his, minus the bud smoking.

    There is nothing that says you cannot be a mentor to somebody younger than you. OP has expressed that this is exactly what he is, since his friend does not have a positive role model in life.

    Now, yes, maybe they shouldn't be smoking bud together. I'm of the opinion that NOBODY under the age of 21 should be smoking, but that makes me somewhat a hypocrite, because I started smoking at 13. I'm just smarter and more cognizant of the issues surrounding marijuana smoking and the developing brain, bur my opinion means little in this scenario. If OP could stop smoking weed with his friend, I think that would be a good thing. That shouldn't mean the dissolution of the friendship, though.

    OP, your relationship with this friend is not in any way immoral or unlawful, however, it is a good idea to tread lightly from now on, since his sister seems to be looking for ways to catch you up. Stop smoking pot with him, explain to him that your friendship means more than just weed, and that until he is of legal age you can't smoke with him anymore.

    Don't worry about being on the wrong side of the law just because you're friends with someone 8 years younger than you. There is nothing that says that is inappropriate. This Sir Elliot fellow is just always giving out shitty advice and complete misinformation, or being a douche, so just ignore all that.
  16. you remind me of me and my sisters b/f lol

    shes just saying that shit cause she doesnt want you around her family. (if thats her brother)

    Tell her brother he needs to man up and tell his sister to shut her bitch ass up or something like that.
  17. Nothing at all will happen. She needs to prove it. If you get any shit, say she's your ex and all that jazz. You did nothing wrong, until she can PROVE, (not just say) otherwise.

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