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  1. ok, I went to Home Depot to look for a HID light for when my plants get bigger. But the only thing I could find was like outdoor lights that are moutned on garages or security lights. And even then the highest wattage I could find were 175 watt Mercury vapor or Sodium vapor lights. We cant find metal hilide fixtures unless we pay like 200 bucks for a parking lot fixtures and we have no where to put it. I need some help here people please!!! Right now we have floresent shop lights on the babies and some are looking good, but I need to start looking at HID lights and I need some kind a suggestion. Will the ones I found at Hoem Depot work?
  2. I ordered my lights from terra hydroponics in B.C..They sell a 400 watt for about a 100 bucks.Tell me about your plants and your space.How many watts do you need?If I were you I would get a metal halide light/This will be good for veg and bloom.
  3. A 175 Watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH),(slightly cheaper to run) should work quite nicely for a small "garden" ,veg and flowering , 2 x 3 feet. Use one that is UL rated and has a tempered glass lense (if you're putting it in your attic.)
    I'd use reflective mylar also ((later on)).

    Future Garden in NY has a nice fixture ,but it is pricy ,I have another less expensive source on them .....but the darn thing is one of my pc's thats not hooked up. I be back with it .ok


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  4. I say keep using the fluros as opposed to the 175 watt and use the money to buy a 400watter (1kwatts are best but not everyone has the budget for that). My 1000 watt got shorted out or something so i had to use the 400 watts but the crappy hinge broke and killed 2 of the 3 plants below and broke the light so I have the last plant and 2 other sprouts growing under a fluro before I can get the money to get another 1000 watt. Could just get a 400 watt now but that means having to keep rebudgeting until I get the money for a 1000watt so I am just going right for a 1000watt and am going to transfer the 2 sprouts outdoor soon.


    they have nice stuff to offer but it can get very pricy because they work out of california, so you might have alot better luck just finding a site that sells localy where you are, and that is IF you cant find a hydro store. If you live in the city look for hydro stores in there and in a few other cities in your state/province if there is none, and if you live in a town, farm, etc. Just look in the ywllow pages under 'hydroponic'/s.

    Thats all I did, look in the yellow pages for the word 'hydroponics' and got the name if a store in the city. Had to drive 2 hours to go to the city to get it but it was worth it.

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