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I Need Some Help...bad!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by pyrotec420, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. ight so im a newbie at growing i love weed and everythign to do with it but...i got 3 sprouts about 2-3 inches tall and i have no single clue on wat to do with them next...i have them in hte dark right now in my grow box i built about 4ft tall there lookin reall good im excited about them but i dotn want them to die so plz if someone could reply and tell me exatly wat to do that be dope thanks alot stoner friends!!!!!
  2. well...i was thinkin that maybe some light would be good. you want light to grow your plants...what you should do is go to a site that explains everything you need to know about growing. Some people have links on their signature that will lead you into the right direction, so just kinda look around for them!!!! one is called growfaq.

    Good luck

  3. yes....get a light on them quickly........if they are tall and lanky you'll need to bury them deeper into a bigger pot if need be...........read the guide under my sig, and let us know how it goes........and when you've read it, read it again.......Peace out..........Sid

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