I need some advice/tips on set-up.

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    Hey fellow smokers and growers![​IMG] Finally got a chance to sit down and relax after long days work.

    I have 4 successful grows but it's been a few yrs since i grew and need a lil help setting up and opinions on the whole shebang. Hopefully some seasoned growers will chime in....[​IMG]

    So what i currently have to work with is 3 separate cabinets, #1-16"Dx29"Hx29"W, #2-19"Dx65"Hx41"W, #3-24"Dx48"Hx48"W.

    Box #1 is lined w/panda film.

    Box #2 is just a wardrobe sitting here unused. Made of tin/steel, will this be ok??

    Box #3 is lined w/ panda film, fitted w/ 6-4' 40w daylight bulbs, 50cfm bathroom fan and a 6" clip-fan. Is currently occupied by 2 female and 3 unknown bag seeds that will be going outdoors for the summer very soon.

    First off, my intentions is to grow personal for my gf and I. We generally go thru a 1/4 in 5 days and it's just getting way too expensive @ $60 an 1/8.
    I'm planning on using FFOF soil and either H&G or GO nutes, and want to make it perpetual like a harvest every month or so...am i on the right track so far??[​IMG] OPINIONS NEEDED AND WANTED VERY MUCH!!!

    What would be the best way to utilize the cabs i have? Clones, veg, mothers, flowers??? And what would be ideal lighting and ventilation for them?
    Also, my location is secluded so i'm not worried about smell at all.

    Please help me veterans, i wanna set this up right the first time[​IMG]

  2. WOW really, is everyone sleeping!?!? Maybe im on the wrong forum to ask for growers advice...anyone know of a place where there are living, breathing peeps WILLING to lend a hand?!?
  3. Wow...mayb if you wait longer then 4 hours to give people a chance to answer....
  4. morning too
  5. Sorry for being so impatient, i rolled off the wrong side of the bed this morning.

    My initial theory was to use cab #1 w/cfl's just for cloning, cab #2 fitted w/ a 400 or 600w cool tube for flowering since it is the tallest cab i have and use cab #3 fitted w/ prob a 6 bulb T5 fixture for veg/mothers.

    Would this be an ideal starting point for continuous grow or am i visualizing this all wrong?

    Thanks for reading! And again, sorry for being so antsy.

    Thanks all!

  6. Not bad man, i run a perpetual system and thats pretty much excactly the way i do it, with changes of course to sizes and what not.... I have a 4x4x7 cab for flower, with a 600w digital hps with cool tube, 474 cfm 6in fan, duct silencer and carbon filter thats set at 12/12 always...also a 3x3x5 cab for veg with a 400w digital mh with cool tube, 175 cfm 4in fan and duct silencer thats set to 18/6 always...and a lil clone area thats 2x3x3 with 4 bulb 2 foot T5.... Now what i do is i always will have 9 plants in the flower cab and as many as i can in the veg cab at all times.... once a week, every friday, i pull one out thats done from the flower cab i put a new one into the flower cab from the veg cab...when the veg cab starts to thin out i clip some clones and fill it back up...the result is that by doin 9 plants at one every week is that each plant spends 9 weeks in the flower cab...i harvest one plant every week and get about 2-3 oz on each one...its a lil more work with feeding cuz u have to have ferts made for each week of bud growth but its worth it to me to always have plants to harvest
  7. Thanks for the info crzayboy420, gives me a good idea how to plan!

    So let me get this right...i wanna fill up my veg cab and clone cab w mj's and one at a time move a plant from the veg cab to the flower room once a week(or however often i'd like to harvest), then just simply replace the open space in veg cab w/ a clone and so on and on?

    Makes sense to me....i think.
  8. Yeah pretty much....lets say you only have room for 4 plants and wanna flower for 8 weeks you would add one every 2 weeks....day one add 1 plant...2 weeks later add one more, then u'd have one at 2 weeks and one just starting...2 weeks later add one more then u'd have one at 4 weeks one at 2 weeks and one just starting...2 weeks later add one more then u'd have one at 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks and one just starting...2 weeks later and it'll be the 8th week for the first plant so you take it out then add one more then u'd have one at 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks, and the one you just put in starting...then from then on every 2 weeks you could harvest a plant and add one more to always be harvesting....hope some of that made sense....
  9. Yep i gotcha.

    Yet another question...when i rig up my ventilation should i have the intake side of my cool tube drawing air in from within the cab or routed out for fresh, cooler air?

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