I need some advice from some people who know and love jazz.

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  1. I love jazz, but I don't know many artists. I like the kind of jazz that is more on the slow, minor side. I know that's kind of vague, but to give some sort of example, I love the jazz songs in the movie Taxi Driver. So does anybody have some suggestions of some artists that play a slower, more minor kind of jazz?
  2. Try The Birth of The Cool by Miles Davis.
  3. Oh, also, check out "In A Silent Way" ... more Miles. Not the Santana version.
  4. Try using the search button. There is an OFFICAL thread dedicated to jazz:


    But for your vague and novice-like suggestion:

    Miles Davis - Kind of Blue. Get THIS ALBUM IF YOU DON"T GET ANYTHING ELSE.

    Bill Evans - Explorations

    Dave Brubeck - Time Out

    John Coltrane - Blue Trane

    ...and for some more modern players:

    Chris Cheek - Vine

    Kurt Rosenwinkel - The Next Step

    Brad Meldhau - Largo

    These are all pretty basic starting points for jazz listening. Enjoy!

  5. I was just pleasuring myself to Vine the other day...
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    One of my all time favorites is Live3vil by Miles Davis. That is one strange trip.

  7. Live-Evil is very funky, with the creativity and space associated with Bitches Brew.

    And Blue Trane is a good call.

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