I need serious dreadlock help!

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  1. I have had my dreads for 2 weeks now, they have come loose multiple times, ive backcombed all of them more then once yet they still dont hold. My hair was really soft, and i have very caucasian hair...I just tried waxing them today and i dont notice anything different. There are thousands of loose hairs everywhere. The tips of my dreads are loose and i cant figure out how to get them to become part of the dread, they are still really soft. I have not washed them sinse i got them (two weeks) .

    Im not frustrated, i just want them to turn out like dreads, as far as what they look like, well i look insanse but that does not bother me=)

    WHAT CAN I DO!? Any information would help...Thanks-_-
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    To be completely honest, there is not much you can do in the early stages for them to start looking like locks. Everyone goes through what they call "the ugly stage" and can only ease out with time and patience. With your type of hair, this could take anywhere from 1-3 years. The good part about it is they get better every day. Post pics so I can give some detailed advice
  3. So all of that is normal? i mean they look completely nothing like dreadlocks hahaha. im just trying to make sure that they are going to turn out right even if it takes a year. Ill try to figure out how to post a picture
  4. Totally normal. as long as it is parted/sectioned correctly (unless you want doodoo dreads). One thing you can do is secure rubberbands at the root of each dread. Not too tight, just to hold it in place and keep it sectioned off. The first year you should just let them do their own thing. This gives them time to mature and lock faster. Try to upload a pic, man!
  5. they are actually not that bad right now, the back needs a lot of work cuz i cant really reach those, but thank you! yeah i had rubber bands in i dont really like them they broke and started to get stuck in the hair, but i washed my hair and that seemed to really help...i had a bar of dread shampoo i just lightly used it in the shower i didnt go crazy, they actually feel pretty good right now
  6. I would wash that wax out is what I would do, that stuff is bad news bears... One of the best ways to get um to lock up is by using a crochet hook. If your dreads are new you can use a pretty big hook like 1.5 or so but as they tighten it will require a smaller hook. Basically just use it to grab loose hairs and pull it inward. No matter what it will take time though.
  7. still waitin' on pics man, lol
  8. DO NOT WAX THEM!!!!!!!!!! that will compltly ruin them

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