I NEED photoshop help

Discussion in 'General' started by Bliss, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. im pretty clued up in photoshop i think, but there is one thing i cant do, and that is these nice fonts people use,

    i dont know if you need onther program for it or something, but i would like to put nice fat letters that kinda look 3d and stand out on some of my pics, but i dont know how!!! HELP

    i also dont know how 2 make my images animate, or move!!! anyone here that can help me?
  2. i always try to stay away from fancy fonts. i guess it's just me, but the fancier the font the less work i feel have been put into the work. if i want a 3d font, i make it myself. well, modify an existing one :) through some 2d to 3d magick. in 'bout 90% of case i find that plain old arial or times new roman is good enough. i had a point to this post but i forgot...

    oh yes, i remember now. most work i do with actual letters are logo work. to do logo work, you need to ditch all fonts. they will not work. sit down with pen and paper, do some sketches and digitize them. then trace and play around. i assure u that the result will not only be unique but you'll also be able to call the work truly your own. and it looks that much cooler. unless in a hurry of course :)

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