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I need legal advice/help!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Anonymous4256, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. about 3 days ago my moms boyfriend put a knife to her face after some heavy arguing. Naturally I call the police. He was arrested that night and remained in jail for 3 days. He and i never had the best relationship and he always knew i smoked even though i never told either him or my mom they would still smell it and what not. He says hes going to prove im on drugs in court. My question is will they pay any attention to him if he says that? i of course only smoke weed. I dont drink, or anything like that. But im just wondering if the court will even care since that has nothing to do with the topic at hand? Please help! i havent gotten a court date yet but i know ill have to go as a witness.
    EDIT: He is also not allowed the house or my mom. For more infortmation.
  2. Do not worry but be wary.
  3. sorry im not completely sure what you mean by be wary?
  4. Destroy all the evidence and lie... Tell the judge he's just trying to shift the conversation from the real problem to some trivial nonsense...
  5. Always good to have your own lawyer

    at least on a retainer ..?

    Why are you still at home..?
  6. What's to say he didn't feed you an edible without your knowledge?

    He has NO CHANCE whatsoever. To be safe, stay clean...YOU are not on trial for anything.
  7. im safe here at my house since hes not allowed within a certain distance of here.
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  8. i see what youre saying. it just kind sucks. the dude has taken over my nightmares and thoughts. now i cant even smoke anymore? hes controlling everything.
  9. duly noted.
  10. Consider it a way to really bust him as a form of payback. He will probably end up in jail. If you have an Iphone or similar smart phone...RECORD any encounter and he will DEFINITELY go to jail.

    You having pot in your system doesn't invalidate his offense in any way. The courts look at things like that and as I said. YOU are not on trial. They can't put you on the stand and invalidate your testimony just because you smoke weed.
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  11. thank you for the advice! my only concern now is if hes going to do any test its going to be my hair which i cant do much about. as im sure everyone knows it goes back 3 months. he is also ilegally in the us and was told if he came back he would be sentenced to a year in prison. but he was let go by immagration. it doesnt make much sense.
  12. Who is going to test you and why?
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  13. i figure her boyfriend will request i be tested to the courts and i guess to put the attention on me? im really not sure what that has to do with his charges.
  14. Lmao if he got arrested for assault with a weapon, he must be out on bail right?

    When he gets to court, if he even gets a chance to speak they will most definitely not be listening to him try to tell stories about you, that will only end it for him even quicker.

    I also doubt he's somehow talked to an investigator about you smoking a little bit of weed.

    During court, the judge is there to prosecute him not you. If he's dumb enough to start blabbing about anything except his innocence expect it to end quickly.

    You have nothing to worry about.
  15. he was charged with assault but no weapon. it was his first domestic violence offence so he got a misdomeanor (not sure if i spelled that correctly) as a term of him getting out he has to stay away from the prosecuting witness (i imagine thats my mom) and the home. and he has to stay in the state.
  16. Exactly. It has nothing to do with the charges. That's why the courts won't ask you to pee in a cup. So don't sweat it.
  17. thank you!
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  18. Just keep remembering- You are NOT the one on trial. You are the prosecutor's friend. He wants your testimony against this jackass.
  19. I don't think they can just randomly drug test you because the guy in court says you smoke weed, they likely will tell him to stay on topic as that has nothing to do with the case. I don't think you have much to worry about
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    Tell them you do not smoke but that a friend tricked you into eating a brownie or smoking a pretend tobacco cigarette...only after about 2 minutes did you realize what was confronted them about it after and you told them you did not LIKE THAT AT ALL and you left the apology up to them...
    If he is willing to kill you or your mom and play the pretend to get technical with the judge when y'all safety is at risk then a tiny lie or a small fib is a no brainer homie...
    Now you can also say you think he propositions you AGGRESSIVELY for sexual favors since he looks at you 'funny' and threatens to SEND YOU AWAY FROM HIS MOMMA (mention the film baby boy) unless you ...
    Tell them at first you were unaware of his advances and simply thought he was TRYING TO ASSERT HIS MANHOOD OVER YOU to try to impress your momma...but now you feel a naughty feeling when he looks and treats you that way...if u r only a kid why does a GROWN MAN HATE YOU THAT MUCH OFFICER...
    If he is not well connected pay some crackheads $70 to runAtrain on him with him since that must be some weird crackhead term that might only makes sense to certain crackheads who knows...
    Then when the train is finished running or locomotive I get or whatever and u get the confirmation tell yo mamma you heard he was having gay sex and got raped on the process and she should wait till he gets tested for stds and recieve the relevant counseling treatment program to confront what really happened...before she considers committing to him any further...
    Don't let people take your life without fighting...
    If he wants to polygraph you that is very costly and he may be insecure mayne...
    You can tell the crackheads to say something like hey they were high on crack and they can't remember but he always hangs out around the crack dens handing out free crack and warm showers and he be acting funny and bashful and insecure and vulnerable around them...
    Send messages on what's app or email to friends a few weeks before the train leaves and let them know he walks in smelling like a bum/homeless man some nights and That the sense of smell is subjective for both you and yo momma and just about everyone else....also say your momma started paying a private detective to track his phone because she thought he was an insecure cheater and after that he started leaving it home at night when he snuck away on certain nights to hang out with his homeless 'friends ' ...if he polygraphs you or uses a psychic to prove you were smoking which is not a big deal especially when juxtaposed with the trauma associated with multiple murder attempts then flip the switch on him with the polygraph or psychic to prove he pulled the knife... which if he did it beats a past mistake of smoking a simple joint because u were curious...or got drugged with weed brownies by tha homies because they thought u needed to loosen up which is sincere I guess...
    Oh and one of your friends can put in an anonymous call to the five-o stating that he got raped by male friends and got stds and was very mad that he could not seek revenge that he decided he would like to spread it to the community so that everyone could feel his shame and sense of frustration and desperation...and that he does not want to report it out of simple shame as a man...

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