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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smokey mac pot, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. GOD, damn it.. my mom has a feelin that im growing or going to grow... i have two set-ups.. one is a little space where i can grow it till it gets to a curtain hieght but then ill move it to a closet and stuff but my mom has suspitions..she knows about the little space already.. i need another space for back up.. anyone have ideas? i need help quick becuase im getting a really good deal off this one web site and it says it may go away soon.(15 seeds for 45$ "shiva shanti"....good strain?) well thankz in advance...~^v^v^v^v~
  2. sounds like you need to move out and get your own spot because if you are caught under her roof doing these things then she will have to prove that the house wasn't purchased or being paid for with the profits from ur growroom--Be Safe!!!
  3. sounds like its time for little birdy to fly away .... unless your too young and in that case you should respect your mothers house more.
  4. yah no kidding, thats not even worth the work or the extra risk of getting caught. What about when your moms intercepts those seeds in the mail?

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