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I Need Help!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by vcrizzle, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. i have ADD and have trouble doing work in school or out of school, does anybody know of like a certain strain that would help me focus. Unfortunately not all weed makes me wanna do work so any specific kind would be helpful.
  2. go to a doctor and ask for addarall
  3. i already take adderral but the effect wears off ater about 2 weeks of taking it, i need some pot to help me
  4. you should ask in the growing forum about the effects of indica or gives you a couch lock high and the other a more get up and do things high.......
    i did find some information on marijuana and add and medical marijane.the scientists know that certain med stains work better than others,but theyre not sure can the scientits NOt know about the different effects of indica or sativa.......i may wrong but question the growers or search the differrent effects of both.......and a strain that may work for you
    hope that helps.
  5. I would say either a indica/sativa mixed strain or a strain with high sativa in it. The more indica the more lazy you'll be which may account partially for you not wanting to do work. Where as Sativa Will make you a little more upity. It will give you a greater desire to do something. But, in the case of ADD, if you have some bud thats got too much Sativa it may enhance the effect of ADD. Of course this is all a hypothosis, but its a place to start. If your growing your bud then you will have a better chance of figuring out what works, otherwise its just a gamble. But take note of how you fell when your high, and whether your inclined to do more work. Start going with that dealer for your bud if he has a fairly regular and reliable supply of the same bud.

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