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I need help...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SIR_JANE, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know what kind of bud this is? my dealer told me it wus sum kind of white widow but i dont know bout that...:smoking:

  2. I dont think its white widow one damn bit.
    I dont buy that for a second.. :/
    Its got sum orange and green buds though.
    Maybe a sort of kush.
  3. looks like some compressed low end beasters, maybe higher mids. definately not widow.
  4. Ok not white widow that moron dealer..but is it good weed tho personally I get high as fuck with it but its a short high..But how does it loook to you guys
  5. I think it looks killer.
    Make sure he dont overcharge ya!
  6. It is too hard to tell if it is "dank" or not by looks. Some of the ugliest bud I've seen has got me higher than I ever had been. You gotta smoke it to know.
  7. It looks alright

    definitely not white widow in my opinion
  8. looks like a indica dominant strain. Hows the high like?

  9. its pretty good and it smells really tropical is the word would call the smell..:smoke:

  10. Actually it is easy to tell with a good picture like that, if it is fluffy buds covered with thc no doubt its dank, and that my friend looks pretty dank although idk think its white widow. Mids on the other hand are britle usually low amount of colored hairs and no noticeable thc content on the budz.
  11. hard to tell from the pic, could just be compressed... enjoy :smoke:
  12. Compressed? Please do enlighten me bro...:smoke:
  13. It's all good bro. LOL! Is this that stuff you said you got for $200 a zip? Sorry bro, 99% sure it's not WW and don't listen to 99% of those dealers who will throw out strain names. They are just tryin to hype their shit.
  14. Looks a bit leafy. If it gets ya stoned, then it's all good :D
  15. maybe not white widow, but it looks real nice either way, oh btw compressed is just like all pushed down, like it was in one of those big celiphane bales you see in the movies. dig?

  16. oooooh yes I see now big dawg oh no its not believe it or not this pic was taken using my scanner lols in other words i scanned it haha so it looks flat but it aint:smoke:

  17. thank you slippersman.

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