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I need help with smoking weed!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Don101, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Hey, I'm an 18 year old that is having extreme trouble with smoking weed, I couldn't find any answers so I've came here in hope that someone could help me! So I've had about 9 rollies in my life, never smoked anything else, these would be about 5 of them being pure weed and the others being half weed and half tobacco. So when I smoke, as soon as I take a toke, mythroat automatically burns and I go into a coughing stage, this stage would last anything between 5 minutes - 15minutes, but I also have this huge burn in my chest where it feels like there's been a whole ripped through it. Has anyone had any experience with this or even knows how to help me?
    Advice greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. Dude, what bud are you smoking (if you know) and are you a smoker generally?

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  3. I'd recommend getting higher quality blades if you're gonna be smoking j's, otherwise just procure higher quality bud and a perc bong . Be warned though, bong is a little harder to get used to. If you don't enjoy actually smoking, getting into bong may be a better option for you as it's quick, clean and easy.

    Just as a side note, weed can become much smoother and tastier if cured properly so perhaps revisit who is supplying you

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  4. I'm not a smoker generally nor do I know the bud. All I know was that it was a rollie(don't know any other term) with a cardboard filter
  5. Is there a chance you can simplify that? I'm not familiar with any of the language, I'm a beginner
  6. Otherwise known as a j, spliff, joint. The cardboard filter is referred to as a gerrick.

    So the paper used to roll plays a big factor in taste so try and get your hands on pure hemp paper (as thin as possible). In regards to the gerrick, you can use actual cigarette filters for a slightly easier smoke as well.

    Bottom line is, up your quality all round, so better paper, better filter and better bud, and get used to it. You can try inhaling smaller amounts of smoke with each drag to allow your throat and lungs to get used to smoking but basically it seems you're gonna be coughing and spluttering until you get used to it

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  7. I thought this but it hasn't changed since I started, literally as soon as I take the smoke to inhale my throats and chest start to burn
  8. I got nothing else to advise you then dude. Go see a doc, lol

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  9. You're 18. Put the bong down and chase some girls.
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  10. Pahahahaa

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  11. sounds pretty normal to me. youve only smoked 9 times your lungs probably arnt used to the smoke. AND even more so if there is tobacco involved. smoking tobacco without a filter can he hella harsh.

    ive been smoking cigs for around 10years and weed for around 7 or 8 and i sometimes go into a coughing fit when smoking a J

    are you taking big drags off the joint? just take little puffs.

    are you inhaling it straight into your lungs? or are you pulling the smoke into your mouth then breathing it down? if youre getting the smoke into your mouth first you might be getting too much. you could try a french inhale lol, look it up.
  12. I guess I could give some advice pertaining to the subject asked about.......

    I would try to figure out what is causing the irritation. I think the main cause is a sensitive thought to heat, not cannabis. Maybe find a friend that has a bubbler or a water pipe (bong) and load it up with ice. If you are able to use this type of a device better, then the problem may be heat sensitivity.

    Have you tried edibles?

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