I need help with my soil mix!!!

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  1. How much Perlite,Worm Castings,Dolomite Lime, Premier Pro-Mix BX with Mycorise Pro Grow Medium Soil should i mix to have a healthy mix for a 3.5 gallon bucket?
    I was thinking this but i want to %100 positive before doing anything
    % 65 Premier Pro-Mix BX with Mycorise Pro Grow (2.275 GALLONS)
    % 15 Perlite - (0.525 GALLONS)
    % 10 Worm Castings (0.35000000000000003 GALLONS)
    % 10 Dolomite Lime (0.35000000000000003 GALLONS)
    Am i right and if not what should it be?
  2. sounds like way to much lime but i may be wrong, u can burn plants witb lime
  3. damn i really need to know how much to mix in bc these are what i have and i really need to know how to mix it right but thanks for the tip bc i didnt know that
  4. Waaaaay too much lime. The usual recommendation is 1-2 tbsp per gallon of soil. 10% is ridiculously high
  5. Id also recommend promix Hp over the bx. It already has extra perlite as well as dolomites line added in.
  6. I check out my mix in my journal if you like.
  7. thanks you have helped a lot i just really need to get this down (BTW im using 3.5 Gallon buckets)
  8. Use 1 gal wormcastings and 1/3 cup of lime. Add perlite till the soil crumbles easily in your had after squeezing it tightly in your fist. I'm generous with it.

    Plan on adding any more ammendments? I use blood and bonemeal in the same ratio as my lime. I keep my organic soil in a rubbermaid, turning it and keeping it damp for a month so the microbes grow and break down the nutrients.
  9. the only other thing that will be added to it is, a drip tip will be running advanced nutrients mixed with carbonated water, i read that carbonated water makes it grow %175 better a day
  10. hmmm, that's counter intuitive lol, I've always thought that roots need oxygen, not co2. Did you mean aerated water?
  11. no i read online that some university did a study and watered their plants with carbonated water for 10 days and it grew %175 more a day
  12. Just to add...make sure it is the fine powdered dolomite line and not the pellets.
  13. But again, if you go with promix Hp then the extra perlite and lime are already added....you can add castings or more perlite or any other amendments as you desire.

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