I Need Help With Cannabutter Plz

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tokentate, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. I have 2 oz of dry trim I was wondering if that is enough for 1 pound of butter. And how strong will it be
  2. I was planning on making Brownies
  3. Thats plenty, i usually do the same ratio and they come out really gooood.

    Usually the Its 1/2 oz to a 1lb of butter so your gunna feel good. Dont be driving or working on heavy machines When you eat these. :smoking:
  4. Awesome I can't wait to eat it
  5. That will b super potent.

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  6. I normally use 7g's per 1/4 p butter so I ounce herb = 1 p butter

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  7. They was awesome I made cookies.last night with the butter I ate 6 I could barely get up this morning lol
  8. Lol my fav is rice krispy treats yum heres some eatables I made

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  9. How do you make them ^^
  10. Well first u have to make a batch of green butter. The recipe is on the internet

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  11. http://m.allrecipes.com/recipe/9959/marshmallow-treats heres the link to make those

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  12. I got 65g of trimming from my harvest just ding to be turned into some butter :)
    I hope to have some time this weekend to make it up. Will make 2# with this.
  13. Just made some cookies and damn I'm high
  14. After making bubble hash....can I dry the remaining trim out and make butter or is it not worth it?...I saw someone mention vaped weed.
  15. The potency of your butter doesn't neccessarily have to do with how much trim (your 2 ounces) but rather depends on the potency of the original trim.

    You could use much less if your trim is actually really crystally little trim from your plant. If it is high quality trim, then 2 ounces of this will rock your world in a single pound of butter!

    Have you tried the crock pot on low setting method? Set it and forget it with an occasional stir for 8 or ten hours. Once the crock pot gets hot, which they do, even on low, switch it to the "warm" setting. Too much heat isn't a good thing and will degrade your THC and other Secondary Metabolites that you are trying to squeeze out of the trim and infuse into the butter. Low for 2 hours and then on warm for the balance works well.

    I liked Lucifers comment about heavy machinery - properly made butter can be very strong - dont underestimate it! I've gotten to the point where I was seeing mad psychedelics such as mushrooms will provide with strong butter before!


  16. Awwww mushrooms lol it'll be the day when I can legally grow spore.
  17. when i make "Butter" i use a couple of cups of ground up trim and a couple of oz of real good bud and 6 lbs of butter end up with 11 bagies of 200 gr in each  (last time ), each baggie  makes 45 Chocolate chip cookies so 500 cookies in total . a cookie or two an hr or two before bedtime  and you will sleep like a Pup with a belly full of milk 8>)--- Erb

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