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  1. Hey guys, wrestling season jas just kicked off, and with that, drug testing is right around the corner. Now, pretty mich everybody knows i blaze that mary everday, i'm talking teachers, peers, and the vp. I've already had my 1 strike woth drugs at school, so i can't rosk failing, and detox seems risky.

    Now my dealer can get me a steady supply of a bunch of synthetics, so they won't show up on the tests. Personnally, i love synthetics! The high is just amazing. But i am a bit worried about the long term affects, wrestling last from november to march.

    So, can i het some advice? Synthetics or just quit for a bit? I'm a 103 lbs wrestler, so a my tolerance is already low to begin with, so none of that t break shit, lol.

    And if i were to begin synthetics, what should my routine for them be?
    Thanks guys! Peace and pot
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    Quit ,wrestling's gay anyways, buy a pick up truck and start drag racing in da swamp like ah real man huurdurr.
  3. By synthetics your talking about synthetic THC like in all that legal Spice etc. stuff ?
    I have tried it 2 times, both felt like i will have a heart-attack and i haven't heard a single good thing about them ! Either quit wrestling or quit smoking.

    Wrestling is quite good for kids, but i don't understand why grown ppl r doing it. I used to wrestle from 6-12y good physical+stretching+stamina+some sweet locks and moves. Combine your wrestling skills with some real fighting sport and you wont be a guy to mess with ;)
    Good luck!
  4. Don't do synthetics, shit's terrible for you
  5. Don't wrestle and smoke weed.
  6. If i were you id just quit weed...

    Youre kind of a little guy arent ya?
  7. Wtf, 103 pounds? I don't think it's safe for you to smoke, let alone wrestle.
  8. Quit wrestling and join the stoners club.
  9. Just pay off the person who does the drug tests!
  10. You are at an advantage insofar as being healthy and active. I would suggest drinking plenty of fluids and abstaining until the test.

    IMO, synthetics are poison. Stay away.

  11. I honestly didn't know they had a weight class for people 103 pounds. Are you sure you're 18?
  12. 103 pounds? What are you a dwarf?

    Synthetics won't help with wrestling so don't mess with them, especially over a long period of time and daily.
  13. You guys would be surprised, There is quite a few of 18 year old 103 pounders in wrestling. When i did wrestling for my school 103 was the lowest weigh class so if you could keep that weight you had a huge advantage because you would wrestle alot of inexperienced freshman.
  14. I dont know why you guys are going on about his weight, I knew a guy in highschool who wrestled, he was 6 ft-ish, and weighed about the same, 8stone/100pounds...Skinny as hell though..saw him in the street, youd think you could knock him out with one hand. Bad idea, he would lay 20 punches into your face before you even had chance to think..


    ^^^^^^^ This dude knows.
  15. Do a quick query of this guys other posts. You will find one, dated in october, where he says that he is 15. I've reported this to the powers that be.
  16. Quit wresting for sure, its pretty homosexual, if you want a real sport, take Jujitsu or some martial arts.
  17. Fakebake...ah..the days when that shit first came to the surface- then we realize how terrible the high was.
    Felt like i was drifting in and out of reality- was kinda scary..i didnt know what was real or if i passed out and was dreaming it. For some reason thats my high on any synthetic- well the few that i have tried anyways.
    But broham, just skip the season for the year- tell your parents you dont feel like it or whatever since you are probably underage.
  18. Do you go around your school bragging about smoking? Im almost positive I smoked twice as much as anyone in highschool and I felt a lot "cooler" with the fact that very few people even had a clue. Get over yourself
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    103lbs? Are you an 8 year old? :confused:

    You keep missing your "i" key when you're typing words, please look at your screen while typing instead of staring at your keyboard :D


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