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I need help please, urgent

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pask, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. sup dudes,
    i need your help, the last two times ive smoked weed, ive had really really bad highs, numb mouth, tongue and throat,
    terrible paranoia, stomach spazzems, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, stuff like that..
    how can i stop this from happening? because really it's terrifying me.

    please, help its urgent..
  2. smoke less. chill with buds in a nice environment. its all in your head so just forget about it.
  3. Make sure that you're in a relaxed and open environment. Drink lots of water and just relax.
  4. am i in danger?

    my heart is racing so bad
    i can feel it through my shirt
  5. do it with friends that are experianced smokers, the first time they helped me get through some crazy shit, and like everyone else said, don't do anything that would normally freak you out when your not high, just take it easy, learn to enjoy the high
  6. youll be alright.:D
  7. That racing hart beat, feeling of suffocation, and the walls seemingly closing in on you... It's called an anxiety attack and holly crap is it a tripp! :D (My $.02)

    But as for preventative measures, slow down... Take small hits, maybe decrease the quality a bit. Relax, and make sure you got no stress. Probably most importantly, stop smoking the Sativa strong yeah? Go Indaca. ;)
  8. relax dude its all in yor head
    dude sit back and listen to yourself
    not to be or sound like a dickhead but you dont know what to expect
    therefore you think shit is happening that really isnt
    and trust me you will fine
    enjoy the herb
  9. You definitely don't smoke very often so im guessing that you were nervous. Some people freak when there nervous. The truth is, no one has died from weed and you are still yourself after smoking weed. It doesn't turn you into an idiot like alcohol or anything. You wouldn't be experiencing this if you still weren't yourself. After you realize this, it becomes easy to just sit back and enjoy EVERYTHING.
  10. just sit down, and chill out. maybe close your eyes. think about good stuff.
  11. Just an anxiety attack. You're not in any danger. Just try to relax.
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    A lot of this advice is very good. Make sure you're in a calm, safe environment before you blaze. Some place you're not likely to get caught and are able to listen to some chill music, watch some funny TV, hang out with some close friends, etc. etc.

    If you're new to smoking, getting freaked out is kind of normal. I was kind of a paranoid high for my first year or so. I'm still paranoid and panic every once in a while, but it's much rarer now. You'll get used to it.

    Just whenever you get worried, think about how many reported marijuana related deaths there were last year - zero.
  13. smoke less and with closer friends, i assume your smokeing chronic because panic attacks with dirt are pretty rare, try smoking some dirt weed and not blunts or joints jsut some bowls, and if your friends dont bitch about it put a few minutes between bowls once your feelin more confident try a few hits of chronic.

    by the way, not tellin you how to live but i would suggest you never try any hollucinegens (sp)above salvia (even shrooms) and if you decide to anyway atleast wait untill you can control your mind while under the influence.
  14. so its normal for your tongue and throat and shit to go numb?

  15. This happens to me to a lot. I think my heart is racing through my chest and I think i'm going to die. Have a friend take your pulse before and after you smoke - if its close or the same your fine. Marijuana can speed up your heart, but its about as much stress as walking up a flight of stairs. It also decreases the flow of oxygen to your heart, but im not sure if that last part is true.
    You have to distract yourself, try drinking water and watching tv. If your heart truly is going a 100miles an hour, then there might be an issue. Nausea is normal for some people too.

    :wave:Good luck.
  16. I don't know exactly what kind of numb you mean, but cottonmouth, for me, can sort of de-sensitize a little, combine this with the anxiety your already feeling and weeds "amplified" effects on the senses and yeah you can feel that. Just remember that no one has died from weed, EVER! Try putting on some nice music and just chilling. Oh and just to let you know, YOUR WEED ISNT LACED!!! :rolleyes:
  17. yo man ur just high. just go with the flow and you'll be fine. just smoke slowly until you reach the level of high that you want. Also, it's a lot harder to have a bad high during the day than it is at night when you're tired and it's dark. Peace man:smoke:
  18. No it aint..
    A friend of mine had me smoking from a J laced with cocaine, I noticed this after a few hits when my lips an mouth became numb. I also started to freak out and I was sweatty and had this fucked up feeling in my stumach!

    that was the only I've went through this.. and I've smoked alot.. so compared to all the other people, i dont think its normal if you just smoked weed
  19. I doubt he also got a J laced with coke, i mean why would a dealer put coke he could be selling with weed he sold. To addict you is kinda a bullshit myth. I think the op just was focusing too much on the feeling of tongue and throat because he was looking for some negative effect.

  20. please not more of this MY WEED IS LACED!!!! bullshit :rolleyes: his weed isnt laced

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