I need help, plants are growing extremely slow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tony6r, Nov 8, 2013.

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    Okay, at first i came up with the conclusion that my temperatures were flucuating to much, so i added a space heater inside my closet and closed the doors.`
    1. I just recieved a pH tester in the mail so ive been using water from my bathroom this entire time.
    2. I have 1 24 watt cfl, i need help finding light fixtures, i cant seem to find any on google...
    3. I have nutes, but i am unaware on how much to aydd them. (I bought a small kit from ebay from someone and he poured them into a container which gives no directions on which to feed my plants)
    4. I have a fan blowing down on it now, i just recieved 2 120mm pc fans in the mail today aswell im going to try to construct a new grow box once i find some light fixtures.
    Any idea?? I have 1 super long root while the others are short, the water in my dwc kit evaporates fast and i dont want the really small ones to dry out, but they also dont seem to be getting longer either. Should i be worried?
    This plant is about 3 weeks old at minimum and it is a bagseed/reggie plant
    some cheap ph tester that came in from hong kong i paid like 15 bucks for it, im alittle scared of if i should use it or not [​IMG]

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  3. so much wrong here. gotta fill those pots with hydroton to keep light out. odds are, res temp is too high cutting off DO from the roots, causing slow growth. use the ph tester, odds are that's another issue
  4. You do need more light. The light bulbs usually keep things warm enough, I would ditch the space heater. There's nothing to lose by trying that ph meter thing. I don't grow hydro so I can't help much beyond that.
  5. One thing that is preventing growth is the lack of light.  you need 4 bulbs.   The next thing that is preventing growth is the lack of proper light.  You are not going to get much vegatative growth from a 2700k bulb.  You should be using 6500k.
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    First off Man U need more light tht leaf shows an obvious stretch to get the light it needs add a few more cfls for maximum light coverage secondly tinfoil bad mistake go with Mylar or a flat white ceiling paint 3rd lower your light I keep em 2-3 inches from the plant at all times I've noticed in my grow that they're more comfortable when they have a breeze not a blow dryer pointer directly at the plants The one great thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain- Bob Marley
  7. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1383868328.333858.jpg 2700k bulbs work but their not ideal 6500k for veg and 2700 for bloom aka flower I've ran 2700k and got this a week and a half into veg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1383868416.013445.jpg

    The one great thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain- Bob Marley
  8. Okay thanks guys, so i DEFINATELY need lightning, its causing slow growth im seeing.
    Then my pH, i need to get that right but this damn device is from hong kong and well... we all know how their products are, lol.
    Can someone link me to some cheap light fixtures? I think im going to purchase a cabinet and start a new grow box
  9. 24 Watt aint enough man
    buy a 100W - 300W + CFL / 1000k - 6000k + CFL 
    P.S - I've never grown a thing in my life so apologies if I'm incorrect in anyway ..
    Also , look into HPS lights or HID or MH
    Check this link -
    Those ph testers are alright, you can get an accurate reading but you might have to test the solution, calibrate, test again, calibrate, test again until you get a stable reading.
    Don't waste money on a light fixture, you can build one cheap as fuck. Lowes has a small section for people who like to make their own fruity lamps out of random shit, it's so easy a housewife can do it. More bang for your buck that way.
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    Do what I did man strip lamps apart and wire em back together with electrical tape don't worry it's low voltage won't harm you but of course have it unplugged when wiring if you don't have enough for a t5 or hps which I recommend getting they run from 75-400 dollars depending on size stick with cfls but add more I usually give each plant 100 wats or more Upgrade your equipment as you go but cfls won't give u the best yield The one great thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain- Bob Marley
  12. CFL is fine for a small grow of 1 or two plants.  I prefer concentrating on just one plant if using CFL though.  The main problem with CFL is that a lot of people don't use it properly.  For instance, the OP has a single CFL mounted far above the plant and has the end of the bulb pointed at the plants.
    CFLs produce little light from the point.  It all comes from the sides so you have to have the light sideways to the plant.  The also need to be very close as already mentioned.  For CFL, close is under 3 inches with 4 inches being acceptable.
    My tried and true CFL lighting method...  I use the 4 bulbs and "Y" splitters to crown a single plant in veg.  The two extra lams are just for added light in this pic because I had 7 seedlings.
  13. I use the exact same ph meter and while not the greatest if u keep it calibrated with proper ph calibration solution it will get you very close...which in soil like me works but I have no clue hydro...but for soil that tester is decent enough just a pain in the ass to calibrate.

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