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  1. I have a HUGE imagination :smoke: my friends and parents have told me this and i think its true butt the thing is that someday i wanna direct my own movies or shows but i have to be a good writter dont i ? i need help putting my ideas on paper cause i got this tallent that i can use to my advantage and not be stuck in a borring ass Job.
  2. Your fucked.
  3. ?????
  4. start with bullet points.
    then revisit your notes to expand on your ideas.
    soon you'l naturally make the transition from 'guess and check' to perfecting your own formula/following a new proof you found
  5. Get the "Dragon" software and start capturing your ideas.
  6. what is it

  7. It's a software application that listens to what you say and types it for you.
  8. ooh sounds amazing
  9. find topics that interest you, do a lot of research and then begin summarizing what you learned . first in wide general statements, then in more specific example. don't assume your readership is dumb, just give the information as you visualize it and if 1/10 people who read it can understand you've conveyed your message. maybe.
  10. Constructive criticism -- work on your grammar and spelling.

    Also. Write like crazy. Write everyday even if you don't have ideas. Creative capital is endless, but it has an inertia to it.
  11. I just started up again on my 40-page novel today (it was at 40 pages for a long time), feels so damn good.

    OP, work on your basics like spelling and grammar because from what I see so far, you need help in those areas. Just being constructive. Coherence is the first key to success, as you will know what you need in order to produce something worthwhile.
  12. You should read "On Writing" by Stephen King. It doesn't matter if you're a Stephen King fan, it's considered a great book on writing.

    Also, maybe it would be a good idea to enroll at a local community college for some writing classes - creative writing classes, style classes, screen writing classes, classes on how to self publish/get published, etc etc.
    You don't have to go full time, you don't have to have a major, just pick up a couple classes here and there. The classes will also help because you'll be able to bounce ideas off of other writers, teachers, have people read some of your work, etc. A lot of these classes are decently priced and are ran pretty loose.

    Very few writers come out of complete isolation. Most writers started by having circles of other writer friends, writer groups, etc. Luckily now adays there are plenty of places online where you can post stories.. so that might be a good way to start as well. get some of your rough raw work out there, and see what type of feed back you get. Don't let the negative feed back deter you if you want to write/create films. When you first start you're going to get negative feed back.... even the great writers do.

  13. Was about to suggest this, haha. Amazing book, not just for the direction in writing, it's really inspiring.

    All I can suggest is write down every idea you have, no matter how insignificant.

    Also, read everything. Read books, read newspapers, read websites. Read genres you don't enjoy, read genres you do enjoy, read something you've never read before.
  14. Wait do you want to direct or write? Or both? Direction and writing aren't reallly similar at all.
  15. What do you write about? PM me your ideas. I know someone that can publish for you if you are serious and have some good topics.

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