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  1. i know its sloppy, its my first grow. ok well i have a bunch of seeds germinating in a wool medium, and one just sprouted so i took it out of the medium and put it in the pot there is a picture and i just wanted to make sure i was doing it right. The sides expanded because of all the water so the top will not securely sit on but pot is still barley in water maybe skimming it. I have a air stone that pumps C02 in the water and i have a water pump pumping water directly into the pot.

    (ignore dying transplant)

    i have a few questions

    1. how much light and water a day do i give brand new planted germinated seeds.

    2. what the temp and humidity should be?

    3. Am i doing things right?

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    You need to use a different container. The light having access to your roots will damage them as well as promote algae in your reservoir. Your lights appear to be burned out or is it the angle. I might try to move them a little closer. Also try to keep it cleaner in there.
  3. i can turn half the lights on or all of them on at once and ok good suggestion makes sense
  4. how much do i water a new seedling and am i doing it right like germanating, taking them out of the wool and putting the seed root down in the pot?
  5. 24 hours of light or 18 of light 6 off (either way, it doesnt matter)

    Is that fluorescent lights? 2-3 inchs from your plants if they are.

    Above posters comments too :) are 100% right!
  6. thank you both of you and what about watering? and they are t5 florescent lights, i have a rack of 7 hanging and one on my door root level what should my watering schedule be for new seedlings like in the picture?
  7. Cant help hydroponic wise I am a soil man :)

    All I can suggest is reading other posts at Hydroponic Growing - Grasscity.com Forums

    I do know with Hydro you dont want light on the roots. If you have any light below the leaves its being wasted and possibly hurting your plants. If you have a light by the roots move it up :) If you have no other tub, Id also wrap it in duct tape or anything thick that will help make it dark inside the tank.

    HighTek is right about Algae too, warmth and light itll get bad. Maybe even cutting a cardboard piece out and fit over the top of the box so it covers everything but the plants and they pop up from it. (like a second loose fitting lid with holes for your plants)
  8. For the seedlings in DWC, just make sure the water level is near the bottom of the net cups and keep it a inch or two below this. The air stones supplying bubbles will also sprinkle the bottom of the cups when the bubbles pop. Also with lid on all the way it will be 100% humid. This will supply enough water for them. Also make sure no nutes. A way to keep your current reservoir would be to tape it with tape that doesn't permit light such as duct tape.
  9. You may wanna cut a small hole in the side of your res to put those lines through so you can keep the lid down.

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