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I need help, negative experience.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Heigh7, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Sup guys, i won't try to make this lengthy. Yesterday I had some knowledgeable friends prepare weed brownies ( they have done it countless times before ). Everything was done properly. Half of the weed was mids, half was some really good shit. Total of 9 grams between 3 people. I ate 3 brownies, and after an hour it hit me really hard. I started suffering from mental fatigue, light-headedness, and very woozy. Approximately 2 hours after consumption, I began to attribute a euphoric, energetic high and pleasures heightened significantly. After 3 hours of consumption, the high peaked out and I began to feel anxious and aware. My stomach constantly felt upset throughout the duration of the day & matters only escalated. I looked into the mirror for the first time at 7 o clock, and my eyes were bloodshotted and appeared irritated. I even used the visine and the redness persisted. I went to my room and slept the remainder of the night. I woke up this morning 30 minutes ago and I STILL FEEL THE EFFECTS almost 19 hours after. Guys, i need help. I need to clear out my system..the high has dramatically gone down..but i still feel subtle effects & I'm worried. I'm going to take a break from marijuana after this experience , but what can i do to help myself feel better? my stomach still hurts & my head is still hazy..and i cant seem to function properly. PLEASE HELP
  2. You ingested a very very high dose of edibles. 3 brownies is excessive especially considering the fact that they were high potency and even more so if they were prepared properly. U don't need to be afraid or anything, as soon as all of the cannabinoids u ingested are fully metabolized u will return to full sobriety, but yes the effects of high-potency edibles in that amount can last a day or 2. Ur mistake, eat one next time.
  3. Next time only eat two and send me one. Edible effects come on slowly, you need to pace yourself.

  4. Is there anything I can do to speed the process of sobriety? I almost feel traumatized from the whole experience, and my recollection of the day's events is bleak and narrow. In fact, a member in my family noticed my odd behavior and is suspicious. I'm worried this feeling will never go away
  5. Your "friends" should have their marijuana rights revoked for letting you eat three brownies!
  6. Yep, your going to die.
  7. Don't worry too much especially not about your eyes, they always get red when your high and its not because they are irritated. Next time don't take more than you can handle, once you eat an edible there is no going back so take it slow.

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