I need help.. I'm too upset to even smoke weed

Discussion in 'General' started by hightimes223, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I have been smoking weed since i was 12 years old... its a constant in my life. I'm a total pot head. I love weed. I enjoy every high the largest to the littliest. Being high usually makes me incredibly content, optimistic, and interested in things (and it also helps with sleep) But recently I have been so depressed and upset about life I literally can't even do my favorite/chilled me out thing of smoking weed.. I'm depressed that I am so depressed I can't smoke weed.

    I have had probably the worst fucking week anyone could have. My family life is falling apart, my love/social life is crumbling (im not exaggerating this its reallyyyyyyyyyyy shitty right now) and I pretty much believe no one wants or cares about me... maybe even god and jesus too.. :(

    i was on an amphetamine binge and stayed up 2 consecutive nights in a row and went to school.. and I STILL FEEL LIKE SHIT. I havent taken anything in 24 hours. I dont feel I can sleep, though I really want to, because I'm so fucking depressed and upset with myself. I'm getting that same feeling where I feel like I'm probably going to be up all night again. Yes, the comedown from the binge probably makes this worse. But you have no idea the shit that went down over thanksgiving, how much i fucked up, my lack of friends and complete rejection from people i love... I feel its justified to be this upset.

    Has anyone ever been so upset that they are afraid/fearful of smoking weed? I honestly..fucking loathe myself right now..

    Marijuana has always helped me. ALWAYS BEEN THERE. And now somehow I'm so upset I don't even want to touch it. I don't really know what to do. This has never happened.

    Any help please
  2. I've never gotten depressed because of weed.

    But there have been a couple instances in my life where I was too stressed out/depressed to want to smoke. When one of my dogs died last year, one time when I lost a job, one time when a good friend died, one time when a family member was in a coma.. For a couple days I didn't feel like eating, smoking, sex... nothing. And I love eating, smoking and sex lol
  3. Its the low points in our lives that really make us appreciate the high points. Hunker down bro and push through it. Later on you'll realize how ridiculous these feelings are, and you'll be a better person for it.
  4. dude...this is sad. you need to push yourself to smoke some weed. maybe you'll fall asleep and wake up tomorrow with a different, more positive view on life.

    thats the best anyone in your situation could hope for. good vibes comin' your way from me. this bowl goes out to you
  5. Rethink your life. Stop with the drugs. Eat right and exercise. Learn how to meditate.

    If you listen to Dub FX, this is from Not Cool


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