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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tamacha91, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. so i started flowering 2 weeks ago. and im using a 400w mh a 70 w hps and 3 42 w cfl in a 3'x3' room. is this ok
  2. I would be better if the 400w was hps and the 70w was mh. But it should be ok.
  3. Yeah, you can get a 400w HPS 'conversion' bulb that will work with your MH ballast (about $50 if it's in your budget). GL!
  4. ok so the 400 w is a fixture i got from a store and the fixture says. hps,mh and it came with a 400 w mh bulb. dos that meen i con go out and get a 400w hps and itl work in the ballast?
  5. Sounds like it, digital ballasts can accept and fire both types of bulbs.
  6. ok but just to make sure a digital ballast dosnt have an lcd or anything like that dos it. cus the one a have is just a huge 40 lb ballast with a soket atached for the bulb
  7. If it's 40 lbs. it probably not a digital ballast lol! Is there a switch somewhere on it that you can select mh or hps? Any info on the label?
  8. all it says is 450w max hg,mh,hps
  9. I don't know what the 'hg' means but it sounds like your ballast can drive both an mh or an hps bulb. Then you wouldn't have to buy a $50 'conversion' hps bulb but could use a regular hps bulb which you can find for $15-20 if you look around.
  10. OK, I get the 'hg'. That's the symbol for mercury so I guess your ballast can drive mercury vapor bulbs but you wouldn't want to use those for growing anyway. GL!

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