I need help growing please.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AFatBlunt, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hello, I was wondering if someone can have some help growing..

    Now, What I no and what I don't no..

    I no how to germinate seeds.. And that's about it.

    I only really wanna grow one (1) plant. Just to see how it goes..

    I am growing in my closet.

    Please tell me what supplies I need... And how to do it..

    Please tell me how much water I need, What thing's I need to do daily.

    Note: I have ADD/Pothead so please,please.... Make it easy for me to understand. LOL.

    I really wan't to learn this, I wanna progress in this and hopefully grow more. Not to sell.. But 1. Fun of it. Kinda like a hobby, and 2. Also for personal use.

    Thanks guys. Hope i get answers.
  2. if you look through the beginner section, youll see stickies. read these several times to get a basic understanding.

    after this do a bit more research into growing, different types etc.

    then construct a grow room. we can help if you give us a budget so people can add there input.

    but when your ready to grow. only germ your seeds when you have everything set up and ready to go. alot of people germinate there seeds then ask what do they do.

    good luck
  3. welcome to GC, were more willing to help if you use the search feature and help your self a little first...
    not to be an ass bro...but research is work to, just like growin ya know...you could learn so much just by reading this forum that you would not have to ask any question's..
    i swear..but good luck...like big jay was sayin. get yourself ready, then worry about gettin ready to harvest ok...we will still be here..:D


  4. Omg,Lol.. I new this shit was gonna happen. I did read on it dude, Trust me i'm not a lazy kid, I did research. I just Want someone to help me with the ENVIORMENT im growing in.. Like i want ONE plant. I no how to germinate and put it into the soil..
    i just dont no the materials i need and such.so please..
  5. you didn't read nothin then man..don't omg me bro...i was being nice...
    there are more section's to this forum then the beginner's..there's grow room design section, advanced growing techniques, indoor, outdoor, you didn't search enough to be asking this...this is alll BASIC STUFF!!!

  6. I wasn't being mean, I was just saying like omg i new you were gonna say that? expression,... lol ease up a bit man.:hello::smoking:

    I just need to no what materials i need, i read everyguide i no how to grow i just need materials just for one plant.. ONE

    peace, sorry for being rude to you if you took it that way.
  7. Trust me, since you asked nicely, you're getting respectful answers compared to some other newbs I've seen.

    Click the first link in my sig, that should help. Then come back if you need something explained better.

  8. If you actually read every guide, you wouldn't need to ask these simple, rudimentary questions.

    Stop being lazy and do work.
  9. 1 plant?

    Well, first of all

    Go grab a pot that will fit your spacial needs
    I usually go with a 5 gallon bucket to maximize yield.

    Here's my cheap ass budget way of cranking out a nice 2-3 oz final dry yield.

    Next, go buy:
    A power strip, hopefully one with 6 outlets.

    An oscillating fan (Don't need now, but eventually)

    Get 5 Mogul socket to AC adapters

    And 5 23 watt CFL bulbs (Spiral type) GET COOL WHITE, NOT DAYLIGHT

    Grab some soil, anything besides Miracle grow works fine.

    All of those items are like $30-40
    But I'm not doing the shopping for you

    Plant seed, hang/mount lights 2 inches from soil surface

    Water when first INCH of soil seems dry.

    Report back here with pics once the sprout appears...

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