I need help growing outdoors!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vaidapie, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I need as much help as anyone can possibly give on how to grow outdoors. I'm pretty knowledgeable on how to grow indoors with a hydroponics system buuut i dont think i can grow using that. I'm still living at home with my mom and younger brothers so i would need 2
    conceal it or else my mom will call the sherriffs department (she told me straight up). If anyone knows of a very very very good way to conceal just 1 plant with a hydroponics system then that can b just as helpful but, i think an outdoor plant would be more suitable. I live in a pretty small community in arizona where not many people go outside and my house is right next to a big open wash with A LOT of brush and fairly dead vegetation and even some of the plants look extremely similar to that of marijuana but im still a little cautious on just running down there and throwin a plant in the ground. So please any information especially on how to acctually grow my plant would be much appreciated =)
  2. alright mate im from england and my mum dont care as long as i dont get caught growin 8 plants from police or next doors, but u are in a risky situation, and why not plant a skunk plant in the open as long as u no were it is and people cant really get to it or c it will be fine. look for a place no 1 goes and make sure alot of sun c get to it all angles, but im a begineer at growin so not much to say, just have a go wat u got to lose !
  3. haha yeh its worth a shot...i was thinkin of just starting out with a reggie plant jus cuz its not that good of a plant so if it doesnt work out then its not a big loss....i jus need to know like basic things as in, how often do i water it, how much water, do i need to give it some kind of food, or is it jus straight up soil and water and watch her grow???
  4. i dont no mate, sum1 else will answer ur quiston who nows about that, but im just in the same boat as u, a begginer just tryin to pik up as much info as possible, and just set up 6 plants there about 5 inches tall so far so day bye day im just hoping the do well and keep growing, good luck mate !
  5. Dude, you probably wont be able to hide it, they get to smelling pretty bad. If you have a choice to either not grow till you can afford to not have to live with Mom, or risk going to jail.....I would pick freedom.
  6. england is soft mate, fuk the police they dont do shit about a few plants if u get caught wid 5 grands worth of coke u get a year, piss over ere, and my mum dont care about the plants lol

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