i need help from anyone who knows another language

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  1. i think this is french but i ran it through google translator and it came back the same so if you can plz translate it.

  2. It's Italian, this was the best i could do:

    1.get the image with daemon tools or alcohol
    2.install game using RLD2-RLD3-RYD5-9C2T < - - - this serial
    3.put the crack in the folder of installation of the game
    4.played and do not break off

    i'm pretty sure "alcohol" is referring to the app "alcohol 120%" which is a dvd-ripping program. Not sure what 4 is saying..But you can try running it through Google translator again, but this time in Italian.
  3. Yeh, thats italian.

    Doin somshin illegal are we?.....
  4. Just making a backup of a program he's already purchased, of course.

  5. Ah yes, I forgot that was such a common occurence :D
  6. offfffffff course im makin a backup lol. nah i cant afford games. alright thanks i got it workin. its mx vs atv unleashed its pretty fun.
  7. Sweet. Have fun with your backup!

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