I need help finding good 'skunky' seeds

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  1. HI ..
    I have been growing indoors for a while(about 7-8 years) ,but i also had the same type of plants for the last 2 years.
    So i think its time for something new ..
    Right now i have AK47 from serious seeds company ,a plant i am very happy about .
    I also have northern light x shiva ,and a kind of thai skunk ..
    I am looking for a replacement of the northern light x shiva ..
    I usually have gone to amsterdam once a year to buy new seeds ,
    but this time i want to buy them online and get them send to me .
    I have noticed the recomendation of this place to buy in another post : http://www.seedsdirect.to/
    Look like a good place to buy ,but now i don't know what plant to buy ..
    I like plants that have a skunky aroma ,the more skunky the better ,and it should ofcource also be very strong,compact buds ....
    Often when buying seeds in amsterdam ,i get disapointed with the outcome of it , i get plants that don't really match the description,floffy buds or harsh tasting plants,and thats actually when buying some of the most expensive seeds i could find ..Often seeds from sensi seeds have failed to be good,so i won't buy from them anymore ..
    SO now im looking for some advices to what seeds i should buy ,price really don't matter ,but what matters is that i get some super plants out of the seeds...

    Soooo please help ...


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  2. I this place dead ,or what ?
    I really need some good advices ..

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  3. This cool moggie can recommend Dutch Passion 'Blueberry', especially the feminised seeds if you can afford them. Mostly Indica, 8 weeks to flower, 19.5% THC. Well trippy!

    I've had good experiences ordering by credit card on-line at


    For a fast bloomer, Nirvana Seeds 'Top 44' is LUR-VERLY in 44 days (hence the name) available from Seeds Direct but not online or via credit card, tho' if you're from Amerika they now do a thing called Pen-Pal. I sent UK postal Orders by snail-mail today for some, expect delivery on Friday.

    Hope this helps, dude
  4. I have had no problems with Marc Emery ,BC Seed Co. (not BCSEEDS) ,and South African Seed Co.
    I'll try to find the links for ya.

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  5. Hey again .

    Thanks for the reply'es....they were unfortunately a little too late for me to use the advices,but thanks anyway...

    I have made my choice now ...have send money to england ..
    I'm gonna buy 2 kind of seeds .

    1 : BELLADONNA from PARADISE SEEDS ...because i read in another forum that its very very strong ..

    2: White Russian from Serious Seeds ,because the Serious Seeds company have sold me my best seeds ever ,the AK47,and the discribtion of the russian sounds great ..

    If any one here have the White Russian strain or belladonna for that matter, i would be glad to hear what you think about it ...

    Best Regards

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  6. I just recieved another order from www.seedsdirect.to
    Six days from England to USA.They even threw in a free pack of seeds.Thanks Gypsy!
  7. THAT sounds great ...
    What kind of extra free seeds did you get ?
    HOPE i get some too ...


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  8. Hey TMA_KSF The free seeds were the Nirvina Top Five Indoor mix.That is two each of chrystal,Misty,Bubblegum,Top 44 and Citral.I just wish I knew what seeds were what.Cant complain about free Quality seeds though.Good luck with your order.
  9. Me too!

    4 days from order to delivery, by snail-mail!

    Looking forward to the results of the freebies.

    If they had a secure on-line cart it would be my favouite shop!
  10. I had to change my order because belladonna was out of stock ...

    I ordered Homegrown Fantasy from Homegrown Fantaseeds instead.

    Anyone here that has tried that strain ?
    If you have, please tell ........

    BTW. They promised they would include an EXTRA bag of freebie seeds for the hassle. Great !!

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  11. White russian is great! I grew it many years. Big huge quite sweet smelling buds, with a nice layer of crystals over it. Now I grow another serious seeds kind, guess which one. The only difference is I work with clones. My experience with their seeds was that they are small and white, what happened to the tiger print? Only 2 out of 15 germinated, I was lucky though, both were female. The quality of the two plants was miles apart, one was more like an ordinary skunk. If you get the good white russian you made a wise choice! Good luck
  12. [​IMG]

    how do you find out about the laws regarding sales to the US and the shipping of seed internationaly?
  13. i dont grow skunk its to strong for my taste buds but i read a page about iskunk weeds and it said that sensi seeds had skunk#1 in the best strain that they had ever seen so its worth a look! it is sold at seeds direct!i even may try it and i dont even smoke it!tazz11

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