I need help badly I think I killed my plants

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mat1331, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. View attachment 2644086 View attachment 2644085 View attachment 2644087 View attachment 2644088 View attachment 2644085 View attachment 2644087 I had three beautiful plants but I started get these bugs on them that ran fast side ways and would hide soon as you got close if you gave the tree a shake lots would fly out so I was told to use canola oil with soap and test it on a leaf and if it was ok after 24 hour spray the plant and repeat every few days the bugs didn’t seem to disappear so I upped the dose and sprayed them then we got high high and humidity for a week now all the leave are turning black at least 80 percent at the moment the one plant is ok can I salvage them at all???? I uploaded pics of before and after. The three together was a couple weeks before I sprayed them.
  2. Looks like the oil deep fried your leaves .
    Myself I use neem oil and or BT spray for pests .
    But if those were mine I'd start taking those burnt leaves off and try to salvage what good growth you have left

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  3. They are not doomed, just a little beaten.

    As above, neem is good. Also try to ID the bugs. Check the first inch or so of the medium for maggots, its an indication of scarid fly or gnats. If its one of those, you must attack the maggots, not the adults. Again neem is good for this as a soil drench.

    ID your bugs, Kill them (probably with neem) and the plants should recover.
  4. Ok thank you this that spray I haven’t had any should I just cut off any damaged leaf or wait till they pretty much fall off
  5. Do or don't, it probably wont matter much. More important to find out what sort of bugs you have.
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  6. I first thought aphids but I’m pretty much positive that’s there just leaf hoppers cause they can right side ways very quick and they all fly
  7. But I haven’t seen any since this dose it’s been 72 hrs now
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