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i need help and need someone to talk to

Discussion in 'General' started by trippy08, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. everything has been crushing me, i only have a mom and a sister bc my dad he was a drunk and got into a bad accident and my mom's best friend died and she was like a second mom to me died awhile ago but i have changed friends sort of and i feel like crap for not talking to someone who i thought was my friend but he treated me like crap and i only tried to be nice to me and i don't understand why people have to be assholes to people who honestly there friends and would do almost anything for them, im drunk as fuck right now and i never let my feeling out and i feel like crap for say any of this bc i don't want people t worry about me bc i dont want to be a burden on to anyone bc i dont want to cause anyone grefe, but i need to tell someone bc i dont want me mother to to take me to a threpyis bc she cant effored it, and i just need to vent and i idk what to do anymore bc i feel like im trapped and theres no escape and i just want leave and never come back but i know i cant make it so i stay, im so confused with my life right now, i dont know what to do at all, pleaSe help me
  2. i dont have instant messenger man, but ill listen to ya. pm or talk on here if yad like man
  3. i wish i could have that bc my sister fucked uo so bad that my mom wants me ti be great so i have to do do and not just chill out but i have to consistently try to be whatmy mom wants to be so she doesnt get disappointed in me bc i have been the dad figure for my family besides making all the money and i dont know what to do and i want to ask my mom to see a theripist but i dont want to bc that will just add up the billa adn im scared bc ill think that she with think im a fuck up like my sister so i try to bottle up all my feelings anf try to put on , a act that i want be but i even fail at. it sucks
  4. Hey my AIM is panzeraayla. Hit me up.
  5. a lot of therapists will base their cost on how much a person can pay. at least thats how its done where i went. i guess idk what your finances are like, and if your the breadwinner for the family itd be a hard choice to move out and start your own life or stay to support theirs. its hard to talk about shit to ppl ya gotta worry about worrying about you like a mom. ive been talkin about a lot of my stuff to friends of mine on the phone. great friends even though i barely know them, met them at a music festival.

    what kinda stuffs between ya and your family?
  6. well ppl think im rich bc ont the house i live in but im not and it sucks, i never had a dad and my mom s best friend pasted almost a year ago
  7. ive dealt with that too, maybe not on your same level. my dad is a doctor and my mom is a vet, all my life ppl have said shit like "whatever your rich" or "make your parents pay for it" and that got old real damn fast. my parents do have their money, but they dont share it with me, yes they cover my large expenses -medical/school(used to) but any thing ive wanted for myself ive had to pay outta my pocket. or borrow from them and pay them back.

    some ppl just dont care enough to consider that ya might not be. with my good friends theyd say things once in awhile but if it was the wrong time or they said it too much id just straight tell them that isnt cool and explain. and they let it alone.

    thing is man, dont take things ppl say seriously. if someone doesnt know you or what youve been through their judgments mean jack squat. i know too many ppl who care so much about what everyone else thinks about them that they do nothing for themselves to be happy. ppl can say things about ya or give ya advice but in the end you gotta figure out what it all means
  8. Im going to contradict my self before i even make my own statement but i do believe more money more problems, mainly because of certain dependencies. But i really hate when rich people think they have more problems i mean we all have problems (maybe not that same things) the difference is were also POOR. i mean u may have to pay for the extras you want and things like that but be glad u dont have to get a job and use it to help support your family. In retrospect there are waaaay worse things out there like disease, handicaps, and crazy shit like that and i think it helps to just look at what problems you dont have instead of the ones you do.

    On a better note weed is awesome in every way :p
  9. that can help, definitely put a positive spin on things at times. but it probably wont help changing the problems that one does have, besides give one a better outlook on their life goin into it
  10. Here is the easiest way to achieve this: Find something you love to do and become successful at it. You will be happy and she'll see that. Then she will be happy. Done!

    I'm from New Lenox, IL. I know all about OP. Don't worry about what other people think. Define yourself and write your own history.

    Joopndufus on AIM if you want to chat.
  11. smoke some weed??

  12. U are right u have to face your problems instead of just thinking of the better, but i think having the positive outlook makes it easier to deal with the problems. But hey what do i know im only 20, so me laying down knowledge is just based on these couple of years
  13. Friend,

    If you are in high school you might find talking to your school counselor very helpful.

  14. Bad idea. School counselors, at least in my experience, are witches straight of hell itself.

    They'll listen to your problems then blab about them to the rest of the school faculty.

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