I need help! Advice for led grow lights, all opinions welcome.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Greern, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Hello! I’ve decided to start growing indoors, and I want to put my best foot forward in terms of equipment. I want to buy the best led grow light I can for getting the best quality and yield from photoperiodic strains I can a deepwater culture or coco. Cost isn’t a concern, and I have done a fair amount of research on led grow lights, but I want real life opinions and stories. Cheers!
  2. Specifically, does anyone have grow experience with the electric sky 300?
  3. Alot of us are using quantum boards with amazing results QB96 Elite V2 Engine
    This is what I'm using. Here's a couple autos grown using them. 20190304_000302.jpg 20190311_231415.jpg 20190303_205333.jpg 20190304_000302.jpg
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  4. Looks like a nice light. I wanted it for a while. But then I asked myself,"Why would you pay 700 bucks for 300 watts?" When you can get 280 watts for less than half that. Shop around my dude. If you have cheddar for that light then you have cheddar for a way more cost-effective set up.
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  5. Cost effectiveness shouldn’t overrule on end product quality and yield. Plus I need a minimum of 240w for my planned area, (going by the 32 watt p/sqfoot). So if I use one of those lights that goes dead within a year or two, looses its brightness, has no programmable features, sucks at staying cool, produces a blurple spectrum, etc. while only reaching my minimum amount of watts for my area? Not to mention the average of 600 par minimum rule. So yeah, I have shopped around and it has lead me in circles. There are so many factors to consider, since I want to be able to use the light for years, without needing to upgrade it or replace it, but also have it make great quality material. Thanks though!
  6. 280w at the wall, 2x4x5, tent is in a closet...temps would be lower out, of course. Diy was easy enough to do while i was high and drinking scotch. For the price of the sky I could get 2 of these and replace a 1000w HID....your welcome. 20190415_091113.jpg 20190415_091137.jpg 20190415_091124.jpg

    260 Watt Lamp Kit. High Efficiency QB288 V2 powered with Samsung top bin Diodes. Suited for main light and supplement lighting.

    Dimmable135-285 WattsLength600mmWidth205mmVeg Footprint4x4 sqftRecommended Flower Footprint3x3 sqft or 2x4 sqft

    Most folks are going to point you to qbs simply because you stated you were looking for the best leds. I can almost guarantee no one will say the es 300 Is better than a qb build. I grew under those blurps a number of times and always came up with good enough. A great grower on here told me qbs would instantly make me a better grower so I pulled the trigger. Haven't gone a full run with them yet, but I already see it in my veg.
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  8. I am testing an electric sky 300 right now and so far it has been great! Flowering under the light right now has just began for me so I will update with how the buds look when I harvest. So far have seen extreme burst of growth in these plants since i started this light. Plus love the dimmable option to help you work with the grow your grow space. Waiting to see how how the buds will react to the light. I will keep you updated.
  9. Here's a plug and play version of these veg a4×4 flower 2×4 or 3×3
    Not sure about replacing them most of these boards last 10s of thousands of hours so not really a concernhttps://horticulturelightinggroup.com/collections/all/products/hlg-elite-360
    Anything from these guys Quantum Boards
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  10. +1 for quantum boards , can’t beat the price and performance.
    Get two of these bad boys:
    QB96 Elite V2 Engine

    Pair them up with this driver:
    HLG-240H-54a Stock and Price by Distributor

    $250 before shipping and you’ll have the best lights money can buy right now. Don’t get intimidated because they are DIY as all it really requires is simple wiring which you can do with plug and play wago connectors which you can finish in under 30 minutes. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to set these kind of boards up, it’s super simple really.
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  11. Thank you! I’d love to hear more. I see a lot of recommendations for qbs, but they seem quite..simple, just diodes on heatsinks with a ballast on top. I like the idea that a professional put the light together. How much grow have you seen? How many weeks in are you and how tall are the plants?

    Thank you! What kind of yields should I expect when using something like this (per plant). Does it come assembled or will I need to put it together, I mean not full diy but does it ship completely setup?

  12. Do not get me wrong, QB are awesome! Just depends on your price point and what grow setup you have. I just got the Electric Sky 300 because I have heard nothing but great things and was curious to try this new form of wide spectrum they offer. I am going to put it to the test and see if this light is really worth it. So far, the light has been great! I will keep you updated on results.
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  13. What will the rest of your setup be? The wideband spectrum does seem to be awesome, I’m just concerned about a lack of blue light, but that seems to be either false or irrelevant. Keep me posted!
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  14. Take it from a grower who's used blurples and is currently moving to QB's.

    The 96's are a great light for flower, adds a little extra (or a lot lol) to the spectrum. That said any QB's will work brilliantly! A nice mix of 3000k and 3500k's are awesome! Add 96's at a later date if budget is an issue? Don't pay too much attention to the wattage (they run on less) and can be blindingly bright lol.

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  15. Do you mean the singular cobs that have one light (passive black heatsink)? Those are an option, however im only using a 2*4 area, so there isn’t much room for extras. However they seem great!
  16. So I currently am testing it during the flowering period right now but will test it in veg to see how well the vegetative growth will be. With their wideband spectrum with IR, they say the plant should thrive and grow faster in both stages of growth as the light mimics the sun. I will keep you posted with my results for flower and for veg. Curious to see if this light makes them stretch too much during veg.
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  17. Buy QBs by themselves or in kits and build ur own qb lights. U will love the results. Do you have Instagram?
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  18. Too many variables to say per plant
    Depending on your growing skill level you can expect between 1-2 grams per watt used. I just produced 376 grams in a 2' × 3' space with a little over 200 watts of qb lighting. If you want to be a high performing grower come on over.
    Quantum Boards
  19. If u have the cash and don’t mind spending more then u need bc time is more valuable then $ to u then buy the qb fixtures! But rly u can make a custom one for cheaper. Not hard, prob fun designing it, and super gratifying
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