I need fertilizer? leaves turning yellow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gr0wer, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. My leaves are starting to loose there dark green color i think i may need fertilizer because ive been running straight water from the begining what kind is the best and what should i watch out for. I know to look for phosphorus what else?
  2. how old are they?....fert is added at approx 20 days.....go for a N-P-K of approx 10-10-10........Peace out......Sid
  3. wait another week before ferting......Peace out......Sid
  4. sid wahat do you mean by 10-10-10 thast a ratio right im guessing 10 notrogen 10 phosphate and 10 K?? i looked in my shed and i found some ntrosomething and the ingredients are

    total nitrogen 6%
    .75%water soluble
    5.25% water Insoluble Nitrogen *(slowly avalible notrogen)
    phosphate 2%
    calcium 1.2%
    iron 4%
    cholorine maximum 1%

    should i use this? or should i take a trip to home depot? and my plant is aboout 2 weeks old and the second nodes are just starting to emerge from the first nodes (not the round ones the pointy) and the first node leaes are onlyaround 1cm long each is this normal or is it suned a bit because i was looking at bubblegums pics and his are big
  5. If your working with good soil dont worry about gettin fired up about ferts yet......
    I would give some time maybe 30 days? and then go lightly with something like 10-10-10
    To much nutrients can be as bad as not enough and good soil will usually hold its own for good plant development.

    Good luck
  6. thanks but what does 10-10-10 mean whast the last part?
    "im guessing 10 notrogen 10 phosphate and 10 K??"
  7. N nitrogen
    P phosphorus
    K potasium
  8. yea i went to home dopot yesterday and felt stupid after seeing it says 10-3-3 or whatever. So i guess i have on my list some 10-10-10 and pick up carbon flters (post smell)thanks.
  9. my lower leafs ( 1 or 2 ) started turning yellow...I mean like yellow spots ....But I just cut them off .....What can be the problems ....I'm getting a cam tommorrow and I will be able to post some pics
  10. newbee how old are they?....and have you added ferts yet?......Peace out........Sid

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