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I need DT advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jaxxx, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. So question guys!! I stopped smoking for 40 days already I'm 110lbs and 5'1 on the third week I failed a home first check test and sent it to that lab thing that comes in the box and said it was negative (I really couldn't even see a line and took 30min for any sort of visible line to show) then I took one at 28 days after drinking a coffee & bottle and a half of water and passed! just took one on my 39 days of being clean and had no line. WTF I'm bugging out cuz I start school next week and need my drug test complete. I was wondering if I can go to labcorp and pay myself for an 11 panel and then if I pass that schedule the school one? Cuz I heard if u pass it takes a day to get ur results. My question is can u go there and request a drug screen for yourself ??? Or is that weird lol please I need advice
  2. What kind of school requires a drug test?
    I wouldn't take any extra test just take the one they give you
  3. If you already passed a drug test then you're fine. Most smokers are clean enough to pass a test in 30 days. The bigger the habit, the fatter the person, the more sedentary the life style, the longer it takes to pass a drug test. Good luck!
  4. Yeah I smoke a couple times a day till I stopped July 15th just took another test here is the results. Would this pass a lab test from anyone's experience

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  5. Ok I ve passed lab test and the panel tests by drinking 1 1/2 gallons water ,it works ...Even can mix in some cranberry juice ,I d drink a gallon in the morning with in and hour and once u piss clear your good to GO, you still wanna drink water on the way to your test but by then you should ve pissed 3 or 4 times and are clean as a whistle,I passed superior court probation DT s for 2 years and back then I was a made man ,lol Good luck on you schooling

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