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    I hope this type of post is allowed...
    I am starting a new cannabis centric website and I am in need of bloggers to help contribute content to the site. I have a full time job, and go to school, so I NEED help getting this project off the ground!

    Who I am looking for:
    • Someone who LOVES cannabis, and is knowledgeable about cannabis
    • 18 or over
    • Can write well, with little grammer mistakes
    • Experienced blogger who can write interesting, and 100% unique content
    • Bonus points if you can include images in your blog posts, unique images would be great!
    What I can offer:
    • Based on experience, social medial following, etc, I can offer $10-25 per 500-1000 word blog post
    • Payment via paypal immediately after blogs are delivered to me
    • I will be giving you a list of topics, and you can select what you want to write on
    Please contact me with all inquiries at weedlore at weedlore dot com
    Also, feel free to check out my work in progress site at weedlore dot com and leave any feedback, or things you'd like to see! Thanks!

  2. Hello - I am a long-time medical marijuana patient, activist and grower in WA state. I am also a blogger, writer, researcher.  (I offer complete Internet Services - I build/master websites, online promotion, etc)
    My website and writing here http://cannabisconsumerresearch.com/
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Janice Porter
  3. Hi Janice,
    I just sent you an email :) Thanks for your interest!
  4. Hey Wdizz, 
    What kind of articles to you want? I haven't done any writing for a while but if you give me an idea I may perhaps be able to assit you... I am an avid internet searcher and have been an mmj patient for 3 years.... actually I am a poster child(or grandma) for medical cannabis having got off all pharma meds including 520 mg of morphine a day and that is not a typo.... cheers and have a dank day....
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    Hey everyone,
    Thanks for your interest! I'm having issues with that email account right now. Host is on it, so I should reply in the next day or so.

    Dankgrandma, I would love to discuss... Sounds like you might have a good story to tell. can you email me at weedlore at weedlore dot com? Or message me through private message. Thank you!
  6. Tinaatabey@yahoo.com. I have been a member of The National Cannabis Society since 2000. I am almost a Physician s Assistant and Herbalist. I would love to write on any aspect pertaining to Marijuana.
  7. Hello, are you still in need of bloggers?
    I'm a full time caregiver and Cannabis connoisseur. email: sge4200@yahoo.com

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