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Discussion in 'General' started by Ben Dranklin, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. I haven't smoked in about 7 weeks, I am on probation and have stopped smoking. I used to smoke about an ounce of wax a week. I am still coming up dirty on my drug tests. I don't know what to do. I seriously haven't smoked anything. I am unsure how long this is gonna take to clear out of my system. Does anybody have any answers at all? Please respond asap.
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  2. Ounce of wax a week? You'll be lucky if it's out by the time you die

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  3. Smoke 2 ounces oil to flush the wax ounce out.
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  4. I'm happy that this thread is so funny for everybody else but I'm actually on felony probation and I really have been trying to get this over with. I honestly haven't smoked I've been putting in a lot of effort to complete this probation and I'm still dropping dirty I would really appreciate some actual advice if you guys have it.
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  5. First start by buying a detox drink go to a sweat lodge and exercise as well but some niacan. ( fat burner). after that quit being a dumb ass and stay out of trouble.
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  6. Lots of water,
    Lots of sweating.
    Steam rooms work, and there's detox kits

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  7. I think H.A.L. 9000 said it best:

    "Good bye, Dave."
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  8. Work out. Sweating alone doesn't help much, burning fat helps a lot. The thc bonds to your fat molecules and is stored there(correct me if I am wrong). So the more fat you burn, less thc in your system. Right?

  10. Lmfao an oz of wax a week we're meant to believe that you was spending 1500 a week on wax? :lmafoe:
  11. I work as a mover and pull about 9 hour days every day and I work in the heat I also only drink water because that's the only thing that keeps me hydrated throughout the day. I understand the whole don't get in trouble any more thing and to try detox kits but I really thought that I would be clean after this much time I'm going to try the suggestions that you guys have given me. I really just want to pass these drug test and I feel pretty stupid for not being able to after so long I'm almost failing probation over something that I actually have corrected in my life.
  12. I'm not sure where you live that an ounce of wax cost $1,500 but in Michigan you can get it from somebody for about $400 an ounce. I think maybe you're misinformed on how much it costs or you're in a state where the access isn't so readily available.
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  13. Water is the only thing that will keep you hydrated period man... can't drink Gatorade your whole life
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  14. Drink a bit of Apple cider vinegar twice or three times a day. Drink as much as you can if it is serious. But not too much, or you can get sick. Apple cider vinegar is so acidic it can burn fat. People use it for weight loss even. And THC is stored in fat.
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  15. I do only drink water though I know other shit doesn't keep my hydrated I feel it throughout the day.

  16. I'm going on that its usually 50 for a gram of wax where I live so 50x28 = 1500 bruh and I still dont believe you smoke 28gs of wax a week even at 400 a oz.. Hell i can get 3/4 Oz's of herb for 400 depending where I go...
  17. Blood transfusion, then get all the fat sucked out your body. What THC left over you can sweat out. Take drug test. Pass. Eat fat to regain weight. needle back in your blood. Your welcome. Plans fool proof.
  18. I used to be the wax plug and purchase in higher quantity. So it was on a cheaper scale for me. I would run through that much because I was showing off being Mr tough guy doing like gram dabs all the time so now I'm having one hell of a time getting it out of my system. I gain nothing from lying to you posters.
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  19. Weed costs about $1 USD a gram in my country. (South Africa)
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  20. In Russia weed smoke you
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