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Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Cactus Ed, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. As much as I hate to direct sales towards Microsoft, Outlook is one of the best mail clients and what I prefer for business and professional stuff. As Harvey mentioned, Thunderbird is good as well and I would rank it second to Outlook.
  2. Thanks Jay. I found my old Office Pro 2010 program and installed Outlook out of that. I'm back in business.
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  3. That Video I gave you just isn't for the onboard email program that comes with 10 it also shows you how to add a existing account from windows Mail or Outlook, Just wondering if that's what you wanted was more options. that does show you how... too. Good Luck....
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  4. Right click the app button, you'll see lots of options there, to include the control panel.

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  5. Classic shell, it changes win10 into a more familiar win7 desktop (and others). Google it, download it, install it, choose how you want your desktop to look like, your done.
  6. Thanks. I'm adapting. I get frustrated when I have to concentrate, that's what that was about.
  7. Np dude. I dont like the look or feel of win10 and use classic shell myself.
  8. Perhaps I'll give it a try although now I'm not sure what I was doing in Windows 7 that I can't do in 10. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Old Ed: I totally get your frustration about "new and (un)improved" programs, op systems, websites, etc. I'm still running Windows 7 on both my computers.

    I am running the "Classic Shell" program as someone mentioned above, makes 7 like the good old XP. I didn't know you could also get a version for 10! I will be doing that when the time comes.

    Being old school, I always have a separate email client. I do have webmail, but I've always hated it and rarely use it.

    In recent years I've been using Thunderbird, as someone above already mentioned. It is free and you can customize it to where you want it.
  10. Protonmail

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  11. Highly recommended by a trusted source.
  12. Ed what about just use the Google GMail
    very easy to set up and use
  13. Thanks but I've been using Outlook for a few months now and I'm quite satisfied.

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