I need all the Help I can Get!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FatTallToker42, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. Hello fellow smokers, growers, and lovers of Mary Jane.

    My love for Mary began a little over a year ago. Now, not only do I smoke, but i deal, and I and my freinds have single handedly brought much tree and other soft drugs into my small community. Now is the time when I stop pissing around with middle men, and I start growing myself!

    I just got some seeds of mine and put them in between the wet paper towels and the roots have started to come out... Now what do I do?!

    FYI - I plan on having them located in doors in a friends college apartment. So what lights should I use, how often should I water and with what kind, what kind of fertilizer would be good for my babies, what kind of soil should I get, and how big should the pots be for each plan?!

    Thank you to everyone who submits!
  2. Wow! so many questions, sorry but no time to answer all,

    however log onto www.dopequest.com

    checkout the growing guide, you can download and print, I am sure you will find it invaluable!

    good luck, have fun...
  3. Place the sprouted seed about 1/4 - 1/2 inch into a small pot,,large enough to hold a couple of cups worth of medium,,any mid to high grade potting medium can work..lightly cover seed with medium,,,mistly spray water,distilled is best,place a bit of saran wrap or baggie over pot,,open and close to air out each day to ventilate it. When it pops out of the soil,,place closely under a good flourescent fixture..

    Want serious buds,,invest in an HID fixture,,Metal Halide or HPS.....for after seedling has stabilized under the flouros...

    Read back posts,,,,you can learn much.....have fun

  4. try overgrow.com FAQ section for your answers.

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