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  1. I'm 19, about to be 20 on the 21st, and lately, this friend that I have who is 16, who i met while I was in high school through my friend who was dating her at the time, and we kept in contact because she was fun to hangout with, has been wanting to hangout and watch movies and just chill, and so we did. I got this vibe that she liked me while we were hanging out, and when i left she texted me saying she didn't want me to leave. Now, I have no interest in dating this girl, she is attractive and what not, but very young. Today she asked me to come back over and watch star wars, because she has the whole collection, and I don't know if I should or not? Please heeeeelp me!:confused:
  2. Go over and talk to her about it, tell her you thinks shes awesome w.e but too young and you dont want to hurt her.

    Maybe even get your dick sucked
  3. I can't be foolin around with this chick LOL
  4. Star wars fucking rocks dude, watch that shit.

  5. yeah i know it fucking rocks i LOVE star wars. But SHES ONLY 16 i feel.. weird hanging out with her?
  6. Well legally you're in the clear. Morally, I dunno. Plenty of people get with 16 year olds, or just hang out with them etc.

    Gotta say it does sound a bit odd. I mean, the amount of growth (mentally) that occurs between 16 and 20 is pretty huge; surely you'd be quite different people..

    i dunno dude.
  7. That Star Wars Message was code for , "Come over and show me your Wookie, and I'll LayYa"
  8. Morally, I would personally be in the clear, because I have no intentions in getting with her. I guess what I'm really worried about is that shell ask me out or something? And I would look like a pedooo:(
  9. fuck it. told her i couldnt hangout today, and shes pissed.lol

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