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i need advice from those who are seasoned (pot quest)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crackraider420, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. im in a rut.

    i have 2 grams of tha funk left, and i just woke up. meaning i would need to smoke it all to feel even remotely satisfied.

    however since its my last two grams i have this gut instinct telling me not to smoke it all and save some for later.

    so i guess my question is...what should i do?

    smoke it or not? :confused:

    another underlying factor is that when im high i am motivated and when im not im very lethargic.

    also i do not have access to MY car, only to a stingy friends who will most likely say no.

    also what should i do about the lack of bud? smoke what i got and hatch a plan to get to the bud man? i thought about taxi already but that would cost wayyyyyyyyy too much, meaning i would not have enough to buy bud (i keep a bud fund that usually restocks itself through means i will not mention, i do not like to spend any other funds on it).

    so come ON gc help me out. im a stoner who has lost his way on a sunday mission:smoke:
  2. You need 2g's to be even remotely satisfied? You're buying the wrong funk.

    Just pack a few bowls into a GB and you'll be satisfied and have about a gram left over.
  3. Yeah man, build a GB and it should get you lifted with less bud. I'm not a big fan of homemade pipes (I like to avoid breathing smoke or hot air through plastic or socket wrenches...) but a GB is just what the doctor ordered.

    While you're faded, you can then hatch up a plan for your next pickup. Is your dude dry or do you just not have a way to pick the stuff up? Offer to smoke someone out if they give you a ride to pickup?

    And I agree with the above post, 2g to get you lifted sounds pretty excessive. Either your tolerance is extremely high (I smoke daily and am nowhere near that point) or you're buying some low quality funk.
  4. Or Dont smoke today, take a (from what is sounds) MUCH needed T-Break, then come back and You will get high off less bud which means U have more to smoke later and Ur Bud fund will grow while on T Break

  5. go with this guy..
    this is what i would have told you to do..
  6. 2 grams to feel satisfied? two grams in the MORNING? i've been smoking daily for years and have never been to the point where i NEEDED two grams to get lifted. plus, my first smoke of the day (if it's a morning smoke) almost ALWAYS gets my higher than anything else.

    i vote t-break, man.
  7. I'm beginning to wonder if this was posted to declare his tolerance, or actually have us answer his ridiculous question. Get a digi weigh up a gram load it and if your not high, IT'S NOT FUNK. A gram of headies will get you high even if your the God of smoking.(unless it's super wet):smoking:
  8. It's official. You smoke bobby brown.
  9. I vote tolerance break.
  10. I vote that it's definetly not funk! or that you have the biggest tolerence ever. which i doubt if you are asking this question!

    Just build a Grav 1 or two hits of the funk should get you blasted!
  11. If your dealer is solid and you know you're sure to score, I would take a bus trip out there.

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