I need a scale

Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Hello City,
    I just picked up tonight and I know for a fact I got shorted and rather than post a pic and complain about it I just wated to know some good scales that are cheap.
  2. eBay. Get one that has at least 0.1g accuracy and a tare function. I got a basic one for $15 incl shipping. You can get fancier ones for a bit more.
  3. I got mine for $15 off ebay too. Silver a purrty and get the job done!
  4. thanks guys--- 15$ including shipping is an awsome deal- whats a tare function though
  5. yea wat is a tare function..
  6. i think that the tare is when you put like a jar or something on the scale then you press tare and it re-zeros it so that whatever you put in the jar is now registered on the scale
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  7. ooo that makes sense, i never even thought of that before.. i need to get me a scale
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tare
  9. thx man, ill keep a look out for that when i pick up my scale
  10. Yep, like when you cant fit all the bud on the scale, you can put a bigger tray on and zero it out (ot Tare it) and then you add the dbud on top of the tray.

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