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I Need A Place To Rant, And Maybe Get Some Advice

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CasualSmoker024, May 25, 2013.

  1. Alright, came here because it's weed related and I don't know where else to rant, but my friend was a fucking faggot today and has been recently and I need to get this shit off my chest by telling you guys about today. First off when we were blazing some of my stash in a park (alright, not smart) 4 dudes come and start hounding me asking for a nug, I hit them with one but they were demanding more, and the entire time my friend and a friend he had brought along didn't say a word. They seemed like the kinda guys who would jump me and jack all my shit if I didn't comply, and it was evident that I had no backing so I end up reaching to take more when one of them grabbed my bag and ran, I caught up with them and jumped on the same subway as then but instead of getting on my friend and his friend ditched me, because they didn't want to waste time, so I ended up having to cut my losses and go home because it was clear that I wasn't getting it back. To make it worse just a week ago he was in some beef with one of my friends who I've known for longer, but because I felt that my other friend was in the wrong I backed this friend who bailed on me because I felt that he was in the right in the situation, and it ended up turning out well. Then tonight we were hanging out and I asked if he could hit me with a nug for tonight before I left so I could blaze before bed because that's become routine for me and I didn't have any bud, and he refused to even loan me a nug when I told him I'd hit him up tomorrow and pay him back. I've given him the numbers for my contacts as I get new ones, I've given him the number for a guy that I buy alcohol from that imports it so it's cheaper than in stores, and he's ended up making money off both selling the things for a bit more than he buys for, I pretty much showed him the ropes of weed and the motherfucker couldn't back me when I had backed him just a week before, and then later when I ask for a nug, just enough to pack one bowl so that I can burn some tonight he refused. This shit fucking pisses me off, I've done so much for him and the faggot won't even LOAN me a fucking bowl pack! We burned my fucking weed today and he couldn't hit me up with a nug. If I hadn't given him my hook up I coulda still been hustling the motherfucker hard but I saw some bro potential in him so I hit him up with my contacts instead of being a middle man which I was making a solid chunk of money doing too, and now when I needed him he doesn't come through in the slightest. I guess I wanna know what I should do now. Should I ignore him completely? Should I go off on him next time I talk to him? Should I beat the shit out of him for being such a fucking prick? I feel like the dude just takes and takes and I'm tired of it. What's the justified way to go about this? Don't think I'll be forgiving him though, not the first time I've noticed him being selfish

  2. I've had friends like that. Cut him off. I'm happier now alone than when I was when I was surrounded by fake friends.
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    You stealing my profile pic for your sig man? Lol and yea I agree with GanjFarmer'. Fuck that guy I'd stop talking to him. 
  4. yeah man just cut your losses and ignore him
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    This would definitely be the smart thing to do. 
    Try not to push your view of who that person is onto that person. Look at each person for who they are. I tend to trust people whom I've known for time over people I've known for a shorter amount of time. 
  6. Nah you stole that from me. That was my profile header like a week ago.  :laughing:
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    Definitely gonna cut him off as a friend, not totally sure how though. I go to school with him so I see him on a regular basis, should I just walk right past him whenever he tries to talk to me at school? Or should I go off on him next time he tries to talk to me and tell him why he's a faggot and that I'm done dealing with it and end it like that?
    It's mad fucked up though, we've been talking daily on facebook, talking whenever we see each other in school, picking up together when we pick up, blazed together frequently and he always seemed cool, but when I ask him for a small favor he can't even come through after I end up losing my stash because he's too much of a prick to get my back
  8. I will destroy everything you love. 
  9. [​IMG]
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    Why are you enabling him to take advantage of you? You just described my last serious relationship in a nutshell. Simply replace facebook with texting and add an s to the start of the all the he('s). It really boggles my mind. Ignore him. If you cannot manage to do that â€‹tell him he fucked up, and you don't want anything do with him anymore. 
    Do not waste your time blowing up at him. It will achieve nothing but bait your scene, his scene and the scene of anyone you hang out with on a constant basis.
    ignore him. cut your contact with this fake. if he tries to talk, explain and expose him for the bitch he is, and if it was me - and he didn't understand after I explained it to him, I would straight punch him. getting robbed and he couldn't front you? fuck him, man.
    I'd be pissed enough to rob this dude. but that's just me, and that's bad advice.
    Wow, you've got acceptance issues. Don't get mad, get even. I'm so far above people who take advantage of others, that by simply denying them my attention, friendship, favors, etc. is punishment enough. People know when they do wrong, especially when they feel your cold shoulder, and 9/10 they come around with some kind of peace offering. Be a man, not a bully.
  13. Thing is that I backed the dude when he had a problem with one of my good friends because my friend is a bigger dude and I knew it wouldn't end well, so I talked my good friend out of it, and if he would have come told him I was gonna back this guy, and then he can't even make an attempt to back me when I'm getting my weed jacked right in front of him
  14. He just called me and apologized, was pretty sincere about it too. Since he decided to man up and apologize I guess he knows he's wrong. I'm thinking I let it slide this time and slowly distance myself over time because he's still not a good friend, but no need to have bad blood either since he manned up and admitted he was wrong
  15. Man that's what I hate about weed it tears friendships apart over weed. That's why most of the time I toke alone then after smoking I go chill with my friends. But this person is not a friend I was in the same position all you have to do is simply stop talking to them. Or move witch is what I did. But I didn't move far, soon they just forgot about me and I was happy. :)
  16. Usually find it brings people together, and this isn't that much about the herb itself, just that I know I would have backed him in the same situation, and if that woulda happened to a friend of mine and they asked for a nug I wouldn't even think twice about it, I'd hook them up fat
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    You should drown him in nugs, and just before he dies tell him, since he couldn't give you a nug he'll get thousands back cos you're the good friend. 

    And thus born 'the good friend' killer.
    It's not the weed, it's the person. Sometimes it takes a substance to bring out a person's true colors.
    I give weed out for nothing to people who need it, and charge half price to those who can afford it. But I'll distance myself from anybody who gets shady over it.
  19. I have had many supposed friends like that. Bunch of pussies who run away when something goes wrong or when im in need of help. Fuck that guy, you shouldn't associate with phonies like him

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