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  1. I had 7 plants and,I still have 3. They are females. I am growing them indoors in a closet under a 500w light. I planted the plants 2-14-02. I started the 12light 12dark 04-01-02,but the plants just have a lot of white pistils and, they look good. I have them in some 6''in pots should I use bigger pots. I use fish emulsion fertilizerand,the last time I feed them 04-24-02 I feed themMiracle-gro tomato plant food 18-18-21. what I am saying is they look like they want to do something but, they haven't What kind of ideals some of the good sucessful growers have for me please give me a respond time is running out for me. hit me at email stillhigh74@yahoo.com THANKS FOR ALL RESONDS THIS IS SMOKE-ON PEACE.
  2. All sounds good but you want to give them some more space to grow!
  3. If you transplant them this far into flowering it might shock them and stunt your overall yield.

    Flowering in 6" pots? That's what I put seedlings in. Next time transplant at least a week before inducing flowering to let the roots develop in the new soil.

    If you don't see any red/auburn pistils yet then it might be okay to transplant. Get some SuperThrive if you don't want the growth to slow down.
  4. What type of light is the 500w you are using? Is it Halogen?

  5. thanks for the infor. I just sprayed them with a fertilizer on the leaves. I want to know was that a good move or a bad move. The plants smells very good,and look very good.The plants is 2months,and a half. I see little red hairs coming up out the pistils. Would they flower in the 6''in pots.
  6. if you are seeing red pistils that means those plants are nearing the end of their life cycle when the percentage of red to white hairs is about 40/60 harvest your crop!

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