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  1. So I am kind of in a situation and need a little advice on the matter. I have recently started hanging out with this girl a lot, we have met through mutual friends in the past. She recently turned 18 and I'm 20. Is this bad? Some of my friends have said that it's not a big deal and others have said that it is. She'll be graduating this year and with graduation comes prom. Seeing as that we have been sort of close lately she asked if I was going to take her. I don't know what to do with the situation. I feel as like I would be out of place if I went because of my age. Is 20 to old for prom?​
    If anyone has any advice that would be great! Thanks!​

  2. 2 years isn't really a big difference, I know guys who have dated a girl a year younger and gone to prom, so there's really no difference. Just take her to prom and have fun, and make sure you get it in!
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    What he said, and by getting it in, he isn't talking about a joint in your mouth. 
    By the way KushMastaFlex, nice name and signature.
  4. It's whatever you feel. 
    Personally, I'm 21 and wouldn't date a high school kid, even if they did just turn 18. Going to prom was lame back then too, so I can't imagine it's any better now. Unless you were that kid who had a blast dancing while being supervised by adults. 
  5. ohh I got that, what about both ^_^
    Yeah prom was pretty lame. If I did go though, it wouldn't be for me to have fun it'd be for her.

  6. Dude, if she's a hottie then go and get pictures of you two together so you can have bragging rights when you get older. Have fun!

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