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  1. phew. so my gf just got home from work and she comes up to me and says, "can i talk to you about something?". As you know, this is usually bad news but i couldn't think of anything I had done. She then tells me how she's missed her period and that she might be pregnant. My heart skips a beat and I realize that I am no way ready for a kid. We had sex last night, unprotected for a while, then i wrapped it up. But she just yelled down the stairs that she just got her period. Doesn't matter, the damage has been done. I'm now terrified of getting someone pregnant. So...no sex for a while:smoking:
  2. Gotta wrap it up man, just because you can hold your nut doesn't mean there's no chance of pregnancy. :smoking:
  3. I hate those scares man. Nothing worse.
  4. Been there a few times. She was on birth control though so I never wrapped, making it even scarier. Just remember that a lot of things can alter a woman's cycle, so you don't have to really start worrying for a few days after. I had to wait I think 4 or 5 days once, but it all worked out.
  5. If that happens again go grab a metal hanger and a lighter.....

    On a more serious note I have had almost every girlfriend say something like this. It is always "oh I missed it by a week" "oh it is 3 days late" Sometimes I just want to tell its not exactly 28 days! Your body changes and does odd things never ever think someone is pregnant because of missed periods. I had a GF miss it 3 months in a row and she was not pregnant.
  6. Been there before. Tell her to take a preg test. If it's positive, deny its yours.

    Good luck, and wrap that shit up next time
  7. i waited 6moth and it turns out she wasnt pregnant i was shittin myself >.<
    that was a very fucked up part of my life ha

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