I need a Case for my Bowls

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  1. I'm looking for a case to hold my bowls in. I know they have those stands that you can display your bowls on but i was looking for more of a true case. I want the case so i can store my backup bowls.
    has anybody ever come accross something like this?
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  2. Google 'plano pistol case'

    I have a couple of the 4-pistol ones that have 2 layers of foam and they work pretty well.

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  3. Look up Ryot carrying cases, pretty much exactly what your looking for.
  4. was going to suggest gun cases as well. i frequent goodwills/second handd stores a lot and if youre lucky, sometimes you can get padded cases the size of briefcases, for verrry cheap. good luck!
  5. PELICAN ALL DAYYYY! I got the 1200,1300, and 1400 on amazon for a steal all together. 120 for all three!

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