I need a band name, now.

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  1. So now that ive scrapped my old material, and brought in my ground breaking new project.

    I need a name. My initial name was GURU, butttt... there was already a rapper of the same name. So I am lost.

    I am looking for a one word name. That brings in all the "things" of life. One word to describe allll the beautiful things of life, the things that make you feel almost like youve delved in to the next dimension of emotion.

    I am a thinker, If I cant think it, I dont know who can. I have thought and thought and thought, about a word that describes this. But im at a loss. No word captures it. Maybe love, but again another band was named love already.
  2. serenity, serene , bliss, elation, euphoria, utopia

    just throwing some shit out there.

    I always wanted to name a band the caramel bandits, but yea not what youre looking for
  3. Dro Ridin Gangster
    Bro Just Listen
    The Dogs
    Dead Farm Crop Circles
    Individual Undercover
    Resting Beside you Weakly

    sorry they're lame but this thread is pretty lame!
  4. The 5th Dimension?
  5. Since youve thought and thought but cant come up with one I thought "De Sire" like desire would be pretty cool lol
  6. Again FUNK-D ON BASS!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpgH9UqsdLg&NR=1]YouTube - shawn killin on bass[/ame]

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