I moved Plant in water (Hydro setup)

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  1. I moved 5 days ago and I moved my plant 2 days ago . I haven't got the room set up yet. I have an eb and flow or flood and drain (bucket, strainer, earators,water pump).
    Any way I have it setting in my bathroom under a 75w grow flood light for now sitting in watter no nutes. so far it's looking OK, no wilting. Its been in flower mode 12/12 for 3 weeks under a 400w mh 3 1/2 ft. tall.
    I now this is stressing the plant and I'm not going to have the grow room set back up until sat/sun. (Kids ,courts,restraining orders running 2 households uno lots of shit going on)

    When I get the room set back up and add the nutes should I start low and build it back up to full strength or go full strength right off?

    I'll be addindg an additional 300w of HPS to the 3x3x7 room Im building. carbon filter system, and humidifyer (homemade)

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. wish i could help ya mate, but i'm a soil man myself, so i moved it to advanced as this is where most of the hydro questions go..........good luck..........Peace out..........Sid

    maybe critter can help ya out.........
  3. Plain water is best to reduce stress..

    lt is a weed my friend and tough.

    light feeding to start ,then build up sounds good to me.

    Just keep an eye out for hermies.

    lol,sounds like ya,all grown before ???
  4. Thanks sidious for sending me to the proper location I wasn't sure where to put this.

    You to critter, I dont want to kill the first plant I'v got to this stage.

    Proper intro
    I was in a hurry this morning off to court to restrain the mother-in-law its working sofar.

    Im new to this site.

    As far as doing this befor , this is the first time at growing ( bag seed) want to get the basics down befor trying a real strain.

    I read alot befor I start doing something> I didnt want to do this completly blind.

    Just to be up frount from the getgo I only Grow and my wife smokes, Its all the building and tweeking of the grow room that I have fun with. I'v been sober for 5 years next month. I was that stupid falldown drunk and when stoned I coulden't rember to think, I'm sure you've see them at partys.
    Whell I feel much better know< and my wife sleeps with me again BIG +. I hope this dosen't turn any one off from helping me out when I need it.

    Iv got 2 projects gowing right now A single plant grow Hydro and working on a refrigerator foggerponic grow for 15 cloans of some good Scunk A friend gave me some seeds that Im going to make into a mother plant for cloaning. I hope I get a female.

    Any way Ill start a journal on both projects so you can follow along with this rockey grower.

    Hers a pic of it the day I moved her. Hope this gets in here or Ill try again later.

    Thanks again for the help.

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  5. Everyone here is pretty cool my friend .

    just ask and we will help if we can :D
  6. I'm just kidding man. Anyways, welcome to the board and we'll try to help you out as much as possible.

    I hate to hear about your family situation man, but believe I know where you're coming from.

    Good luck.
  7. Ehh, this is the first plant I ever got this far with shortyottomatix . And man have I learned a lot. Don't think the next one will look like that.

    I started a journal You can see what I have set up sofar. Use the link in the sig tom see. Under construction growing zone during flowering and moved Too? What am I thinking? Court, Cops, Kids, Mother-in-law,...

    Family thing is getting much better, Thanks.

    Now I can get to the fun stuff Paying attention to my abused Lady. And finish up the grow room for her.

    I'll update the Journal to keep you informed I'm done here thanks for the help and support.

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