I moved out when I was 16, been living on my own for 3 years. Can anyone relate ?

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  1. Basically I moved out of my parents house when I was 16, moved from a small town of 1000 to Toronto. Big stepping stone. Life's been up and down but I feel very good about everything as of now , new job blah blah blah. Can anyone relate ?

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  2. I was kicked out of my house when I was 18 by my alcoholic mom, been living with some people I consider family and work 6 days a week providing for my self and paying rent etc. Im glad everything happened the way it did, i grew up younger and understand the importance of money and how i spend my time.
  3. Same, moved out at 16. Wasn't completely on my own though. Moved to my cousin's place for better schooling. Still learned a lot of life lesson and how to live for myself. Can't imagine what you had to go through. I'm now living with my best friend/roommate. Currently 20. Moving out at an early you age, you most definitely needed to learn money management.
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    I 'ran away' from home when I was 19. Got into really heated arguments with my stepdad.. got slapped in the face, got told I was worthless, lazy... the stereotypical angsty teenage drama... etc. etc.

    I had to claim welfare, since I didn't have residency at the time, and was legally ineligible for work. I was practically a de facto refugee. lol

    I rented a trailer for 90 bucks a week, with the help of two high school friends. It was parked right beside a building with a shared accommodation complex. To go to the toilet, you had to get up at night and walk like 50m. Sometimes I didn't even bother - I'd pee in bottles mixed with bleach, cause it was so fucking cold some of the nights. Had to live on spaghetti and baked beans. My immune system dropped so low, I ended up getting whooping cough - also known as the 100-day-cough. Had to go to the emergency department at the hospital to get free antibiotics. Lots of adventures, needless to say!

    Even to this day, I don't quite have my own place. I live in a 20-bedroom-house, which used to be a nursing home.. and I can only just scrape enough money to pay my rent, which takes up around 50% of your average minimum wage paycheck at 40 hours a week.

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    I've been there. my mom and step dad kicked me out of the house when i turned 18. i never graduated school. it was hard growing up with a step parent. mostly when it is a step dad. i was 2 when they got married and my real dad died before i was born.

    i was always treated like an inconvenience. i never got the same treatment that my little brother and sister got. i was always grounded. if my brother got in trouble i got in trouble too, but it was not vice-versa.

    i came home one day with all my stuff on the front porch and was told its time for me to go I'm 18 now. so i was more worried about finding a place to stay in the middle of winter then going back to school. i don't really have any relationship with any of my family but my real dads brothers(my uncles). i didn't get to see them growing up much. my mom never really introduced them to me or took me to visit growing up. they kinda got me on my feet again and 10 years later i have been working and on my own.

    I've seen my little brother sometimes he lives in the house next to my mom and step dad. they bought it after he graduated tech school and works with his dad now. sometimes these are just the things that happen in life. i can imagine its hard being a step parent too. trying to raise a child thats not yours. probably not fun...
  6. I chose to leave my family at 18, live a life full of Meth. It took 10 years of my life, and my mother passed away by cancer in 2009, she never got to see me get straight. My father lives in Arizona, and I'm in Washington.... Don't let this shit get you down. It sucks to have to grow up young, but you can do it. Make good choices, and God will bless you...

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  7. I'm 19 now and I'm considering moving out not because I hate my house I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY PARENTS! But I want to see how it is on your own. I have roughly 10k saved up, got a good job so before I'm 20 which is in November I should be closer and closer to 20k and then I'll move out. Any tips for me man?

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  8. Don't move out if you don't have to. Keep on saving that money to put down on a house.
  9. yea but I don't feel like telling the whole damn story about it lol.
  10. Got kicked out at 17. It worked out and now I don't talk to my family. Perfect
  11. I never quite know how lucky I am until I read these posts - damn

    I'm 19, almost through my second year at college - come home for the summers.

    I sympathize with all of the people here who have had it rough, I cannot even imagine what that is like!

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  12. my dad kicked me out at age 18.
    lived in the canyons at night and city during the day (stealing food).

    Fast foward 16 years, about to buy my 1st house
  13. btw, fuck those guys asking for change on the freeways. They will ALWAYS be bums.
  14. All i can say is that the kindness of friends can sometimes astound you.. I consider my group of friends my real family, they provided support for me when nobody else would. I have been floored time and time again by their generosity and their belief in me when i had none.. Never forsake your friends.

  15. Yep. My brother in law moved out when he was 17 and he never came back home.
  16. when I have a son. Ima kick his ass to the curb on his 18th birthday. Sort of a thing in my family.

    I have no hard feeling towards my father, he said it was done to him and my grandfather had it done to him.

    Basically they will not let any of the men sit around the house at age 18, you are considered a man, succeed or dont, up to you.
  17. Seems to me like you have an outstanding family. Family reunions must be a hoot, every male aged 18 and up just stealing/stuffing food into their pockets.
  18. no, we're all somewhat wealthy now.
    We have awesome family gatherings actually.

  19. You sound like a good little saver. That is very good. My checks last me like 2 days. Then after that it is a steep slope lol.

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  20. lol yeah I don't buy much stuff but I have wasted tons of money before and I started saving up again because I wasted way too much money on stupid video games. I have friends who are older than me by 2 years and most of them haven't saved up anything at all. I have more than most of them, so it makes me more determined to save up money.

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    I'm planning to go to a dental school and it cost loads of money :( :( I'll be broke

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